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The zodiac symbols as seen when Aradia fights Bec Noir.

The zodiac is a concept in astrology, where a number of signs relating to constellations have influence on the world. The concept of the zodiac, and in particular the western one, features prominently in Homestuck, most notably through the trolls, and is also connected to the cherubs.

Zodiac Earth

The twelve signs of the western zodiac on Earth are represented by the same symbols appearing on the shirts of the twelve trolls who created Universe B, and it would appear that due to the influence of these trolls (or at least, not coincidentally) the western zodiac's signs represent various traits of theirs.

Alternia is stated to have 48 signsSburb Logo in its own zodiac, which supposedly are independent of the symbols appearing on the trolls' shirts, as these symbols are said to be derived from their casteSburb Logo. On Alternia, each member of a given caste is to be labeled with one symbol derived from an alphabet used for that caste, after their hatching. The symbol for Cancer is specifically derived from a method of executionSburb Logo. Andrew Hussie has joked that the trolls have 48 zodiac signs because of the 48 squiddles that created their universe. It may be worth noting however that Ptolemy in his categorization of the constellations listed 48 constellations.

Zodiac signsEdit

Sign Characters
Aradia Megidothe Handmaid, and Damara Megido
Tavros Nitramthe Summoner, and Rufioh Nitram
Sollux Captorthe Ψiioniic, and Mituna Captor
Karkat Vantas and the Sufferer (posthumously)
Due to his lack of a symbol, Kankri Vantas is not connected to an astrological sign.
Nepeta Leijon, the Disciple, and Meulin Leijon
Kanaya Maryamthe Dolorosa, and Porrim Maryam
Terezi PyropeNeophyte Redglare, and Latula Pyrope
Vriska SerketMarquise Spinneret Mindfang, and Aranea Serket
Equius ZahhakE%ecutor Darkleer, and Horuss Zahhak
Gamzee Makarathe Grand Highblood, and Kurloz Makara
Eridan AmporaOrphaner Dualscar, and Cronus Ampora
Feferi PeixesHer Imperious Condescension, and Meenah Peixes

13th and 14th signsEdit

In 1970, Stephen Schmidt suggested the addition of two more signs, Ophiuchus and Cetus, while this suggestion didn't catch on, in 1995 a 13 sign system only adding Ophiuchus to the tradition twelve was suggested by Walter Berg and Mark Yazaki. The 13-sign system has gained traction and as such when the original twelve trolls were introduced many suspected a 13th troll to exist. Eventually the character of Calliope was introduced who initially appeared to be a new troll appeared who used a Caduceus as their symbol. While not a constellation in itself, both it and Ophiuchus are connected to snakes. Later still, Calliope's brother, Caliborn, who used the exact symbol for Ophiuchus was introduced. The characters were later revealed to not have been trolls, but rather cherubs, a species having serpentine features, and also shared a singular body.

  • Ophiuchus (⛎) - The sign of Caliborn.
  • Cetus - No character uses this sign, however the sign is named after a mythological monster of the same name that appears in Homestuck as a denizen.

A semi-canon thirteenth troll exists in Paradox Space, although his symbol is not related to any constellation at all.

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