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Xefros Tritoh[1] is one of five protagonists in the upcoming video game Hiveswap. He is a flat toothed burgundy blood troll[2] who helps Joey.

His horns are shaped similarly to the generic troll horns found in many places, such as Equius's robots, Tavros's posters, and the Trollian logo, and his lusus is a large sloth-like creature; his surname reflects this as it sounds like "tri toe" to reference the Three-Toed Sloth.[3]

Xefros's Prongle avatar is a fork bent in the shape of a hand making the heavy metal horns gesture.[4]



He is moirails with Dammek[5], and they are in a garage band together called the Grubbles.



  • Xefros is possibly named after Zephyrus, the Greek god of the west wind.
  • Promotional art shows that Xefros may play in a troll sports team.
  • Xefros enjoys telekinesis, Arena Stickball, and butling[6].
  • Xefros' name could be a reference to Xephos, Lewis Brindley's username from The Yogscast
  • The first known song in his and Dammek's band is called "Broom Temperature".
  • His last name may be a reference to the three toed sloth.


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