The What Pumpkin Studios logo.

What Pumpkin Studios is the name of Andrew Hussie's in-house Homestuck production company.


The website launched in June 2010 as a record label to represent the musicians that composed the music for MS Paint Adventures. Eventually it grew into an online store, producing and selling god tier hoodies, plush dolls, vinyl figurines, poster prints and much more.

Once the Homestuck Adventure Game Kickstarter concluded, the fundraising campaign for what later became Hiveswap, What Pumpkin was left with the arduous task of shipping out over 7000 packages to their backers. The studio also had a hand in developing the HTML5 web based game Namco High. What Pumpkin's Director of Business Development George Rohac and Andrew Hussie both took part in the project as co-producer and creative director respectively.

In October 2014, Andrew Hussie announced that What Pumpkin had taken the reins from The Odd Gentlemen in the development of Hiveswap, thus effectively becoming a game development studio. It can be assumed that What Pumpkin is now split into two separate branches, with What Pumpkin Studios Florida which handling retail orders for MSPA merchandise, and What Pumpkin Studios New York handling video game development.

In July 2015, it was announced that What Pumpkin would be entering a partnership with We Love Fine, a popular online retailer that the company has worked with before. This partnership hands the merchandise production side of company over to We Love Fine, though What Pumpkin will still be involved with the process. The What Pumpkin site redirected to the Homestuck group on We Love Fine.

In April 2016, following the release of [S] Collide, the website was relaunched, primarily to sell prints, but also to sell other items previously available on the old site.

In September 2017, after five years due to frequent production delays and changes, What Pumpkin Studios successfully released the first episode of the Homestuck Adventure Game, known as Hiveswap: Act 1. Two months later, in November, it was announced that Hiveswap: Act 2 was projected to release in Spring 2018.

Trivia Edit

  • The name of the company is a reference to the pumpkin's very enigmatic presence in MSPA.
  • Exactly how many people work for What Pumpkin is not known, however Hussie gives an extremely rough estimate of "somewhere between 30 and 1000".
    • Using the Hiveswap dev blog as reference, it would appear there are somewhere between 14 and 17 people working at What Pumpkin Studios NYC.

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