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The Vriskagram is a page in Homestuck, after John 's retcons and [S] Game Over. It depicts the new Alpha Timeline where Vriska Serket is alive. The medium used is a slideshow of posts from the fictional photo sharing website "Vriskagram." As with most social media references in Homestuck, there is a real page on Instagram: TheVriskaSerket.

To Do List Edit

Add associated pictures with subheadings, analyze all pictures on the gram, with another heading for pictures only seen on the instagram page

Canon Pictures Edit

Vriska 'O-kay' sign over Gamzee Edit

In the new timeline, Terezi was able to capture Gamzee after his murder spree. Vriska assures that everything's under control.

Karkat Pail Breakdown Edit

Before the three year journey begins, John had sent a message to the trolls on the Meteor through a pail, as it was the most convenient. After it hit Karkat, he became even more frustrated, threw a tantrum, and suffered from a mental breakdown. In the ret-conned timeline, Vriska is standing with the others, amused by the tantrum.

Vriska Fanned By Gamzee Edit

As Dead God Tier Feferi heals The Mayor (WV) in the background, Gamzee fans Vriska, indicating a potential Kismesis relationship.

Dave Playing Hopscotch with The Mayor and Karkat Edit

With Vriska and Terezi now spending most of their time with each other, Karkat and Dave have apparently grown close. And, as usual, The Mayor's universal constant friendship is present. Karkat is actually smiling in this picture, and it is one of the first indicators of a relationship between the two.

Dave Drawing New Board Edit

Dave draws a new board while Karkat and the mayor look on.

Dave Revealing Phallic Board Edit

Dave stepped back and revealed the board, with his usual look of boredom. The board is phallic shaped and has less numbers than the more traditional one revealed before.

Annoyed Karkat Questioning New Board Edit

Karkat looks on annoyed, and seems to be questioning the board while the Mayor seems confused to what it really is.

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