Health Cube

Vitality Gels are pulsating cyan cubes that are occasionally dropped by enemies. When picked up, it restores a player's Health Vial. These cubes also appeared scattered about the lands. While sprites are able to heal playersSburb Logo, the gel is the main healing method for players who are injured by the various enemies in the game.

The Health Vial, representing the player's hit points, is depicted as a transparent container or gauge suspended inside a blue gel substance. As the player takes damage, the vial is gradually dislodged from the gel, until it is knocked out entirely when the player's hit points reach zero. By ascending rungs on the echeladder, players raise their 'Gel Viscosity', which appears to make it more difficult to dislodge the Health Vial, allowing the player to take more damage before being knocked out-- thus being analogous to a defense or stamina stat.