Victorious Moment

A Victorious Moment shared by PS, AD, and PI.

Victorious Moments occur when the Sleuths defeat a Boss. It appears that they are only for Team Sleuth, as other characters that win battles do not receive the bonuses of these Moments. When a Boss is defeated, the Sleuths who partook of the battle do a dance and receive a benefit and a new title. At first the bonuses seem legitimate, but after a while the bonuses appear to be just numbers at random and no real decisions could be made based on the stats gained. These also appeared in Homestuck.

Benefits Edit

Succeeding in defeating a Boss grants a Victorious Moment. These grant the following benefits:

In HomestuckEdit

There have been a few Victorious Moments in Homestuck as well.

  • John has a Victorious Moment when he defeats his first Shale Imp.Sburb Logo
  • He also does the same victory dance here,Sburb Logo although there does not seem to be a Victorious Moment.
  • Another one is shown here.Sburb Logo
  • And here.Sburb Logo