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  • If a conversation starts here, I will normally continue it here, as I find it much easier to follow a conversation on one page. Likewise, if I comment on someone else's talk page, I prefer being replied to there, for the same reason. The talk page will be on my watchlist once I've posted on it, so I won't miss a reply.
  • I request that messages on my talk page are written with at least decent grammar. It doesn't have to be perfect, by any means, but if I can't easily understand what's being said, I can't honestly deny that it somewhat impairs my willingness to work it out and, if relevant, respond to it.
  • All messages should be signed in accordance with the wiki's signature policy.
  • If you have any help requests, particularly with coding, feel free to ask. I'm apparently good at wikicode, at least according to several people on FFWiki. Including some that I think are better than me :P
  • I'm an admin, so you can also talk to me about blocks, moving or protecting pages, etc.
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Fresh talk page for 2016, why notEdit

-- Sorceror Nobody, 01:42, January 28, 2016 (UTC)

Thank you Edit

I'm one of the fighters against vandalism, in particular the equaranon. I've been fussing and discussing with him/her/it on mspabooru frequently, and didn't know it had this wiki as a hideout :0 So, thank you for fixing that while I was asleep. NepetaLeijon27 (talk) 09:50, January 28, 2016 (UTC)

Well, I mean, I'm an admin, so I'm just doing my job. Which is something I should do more often on here, to be honest ; )
Thank you for the reversions and such that you've done recently : ) -- Sorceror Nobody, 17:48, January 29, 2016 (UTC)

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