Along with the Ectobiology Apparatus and Cloning Pad, a third device appearedSburb Logo in the Phernalia Registry when John connected to Jade, and then again with ArquiuspriteSburb Logo. Very little is known about it, but it bears a resemblance to the Catenative Doomsday Dice Cascader.

Its purpose may be to deliver the Genesis Tadpole into the battlefield. However, at this point its function is completely speculatory.

Core devices
Cruxite dowel
+ Punch Designix
Punched card
Totem Lathe
Cruxite totem
Cruxite artifact
Alchemiter peripherals
Jumper Block ExtensionPunch Card ShuntHolopad
Other phernalia
Gristtorrent CDIntellibeam LaserstationEctobiology ApparatusCloning PadGrist RigUnknown Device