Umbrellakind is a Strife Specibus used by John Egbert after he finds a spare Strife Card behind the safe in his Dad's study. He uses it to wield the Barber's Best Friend. However, he is only seen using the weapon and specibus once.

Barber's Best Friend Edit

Formula Umbrella && Straight Razor
Cost 2 Shale, 8 Mercury
Barber's Best Friend

Barber's Best FriendSburb Logo is an umbrella without a canopy and with several long razor blades in place of the ribs. It is presumably opened and closed via some mechanism on the crook handle (as was how John opened and closed it). John Egbert created the Barber's Best Friend by combining Dad's Straight Razor with the umbrella that was formerly in the study. It cost a mere 2 units Shale and 8 units Mercury to make. It would appear that the Barber's Best Friend would be a perfectly serviceable weapon of combat, with its long reach and multiple blades (supposedly) capable of dealing tremendous damage, possibly even multiplying damage per blade. Unfortunately, the weapon has not been utilized by John since he created it despite a copy of the umbrellakind specibus being available in the study.

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