Trusty Knife

The Trusty Knife is the valued tool of the Wayward Vagabond. It was originally a mailbox flag, but broke into a sharp rusty knife. A piece of cloth has been wrapped around it to give it a handle. Wayward Vagabond attempted to open a can with it, to no success.. It was placed in a flower pot, topping the town hall in Can Town. It is currently tied to the end of a meter stick, in order to craft a measuring spear. In the Act 4 Epilogue, it was revealed that WV had been keeping a 4x prototyped Queen's Ring inside the cloth handle of the knife, which he then presented to WQ. WV, as the Warweary Villein, picked up the ring after John Egbert dropped it, while wandering The Battlefield.

The name might be a reference to Problem Sleuth's PARLIAMENT UPROAR Battle technique, TRUSTY KNIVES, which in turn might be a reference to the Prisoner's trusty knife in Jailbreak.

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