The "Trolls' Meteor" is a Veil meteor of the post-scratch troll session that contained the session's Ectobiology Lab

History Edit

Post-Scratch Trolls' Sessions Edit

The meteor was initally discovered by Karkat Vantas when he traveled there to preform his ectobiology duties. Following Jack Noir/Bec Noir's appearance in the troll session, Aradiabot summons a transportalizer via teleportation and the trolls use it to escape to the meteor, where they take refuge from Jack for the remainder of their time in their universe.

It was in the meteor that Terezi Pyrope discovered the pre-scratch kids' session, and where the subsequent trolling campagin was carried out. The meteor was also the location where Tavros Nitram, Nepeta Leijon, Eridan Ampora, Feferi Peixes, Kanaya Maryam (temporarily), Sollux Captor, and Equius Zahhak died, and the final Aradiabot exploaded.In the original aplha timeline, Vriska Serket had also died, but John changed this in the new alpha timeline by saving her life with his retcon powers.

After the creation of the Green Sun, Sollux uses his psychic powers to bring the meteor to it, where Dave Strider, Rose Lalonde, the Wayward Vagabond, and Serenity join its remaining crew.

Furthest Ring Edit


What do we have here?

As the meteor approaches the B2 Incipisphere Grimbark Jade flies onto it and teleports everyone but Gamzee off the meteor. Jade Harley then rides the meteor through a Skaian defense portal to Future post-scratch Earth/ post-scratch Earth, years in the future. just as the Red Miles are destroying the universe. Just after the meteor impacts Earth, Jade shrinks and captchalogues it, and then flies back through the same portal to the B2 Incipisphere; in the post retcon timeline, however, Virska puts Jade to sleep, and does the same.

Following a thus-far unseen sequence of events, Earth (with the meteor still on it) is moved into another universe, to orbit another star. Long after that star becomes a red supergiant, reduced to a barren wasteland where civilizations have risen and fallen, it eventually became the place of the hatching of Calliope and Caliborn. Gamzee, who is then present on earth through unknown means (although it can be assumed LOTAK's consumption into Jack Noir (B2)/Jake English's head blackhole with Gamzee was present was the means of transport.), sets up a room for them atop the meteor's tellest spire.

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