Note: Most of these are rough guesses based on the context in which the terms are used. They could be wrong. It can be inferred that these terms are used by a majority of lowbloods, and are less common among highbloods. Terminology from secondary sources which is not necessarily canon (such as Paradox Space, Hiveswap or Andrew Hussie's twitter) is marked in italics.

Troll term Rough human translation
12th Perigee's EveSburb Logo The Troll equivalent of Christmas, occurring around the same time of the sweep/year cycle. A troll's Lusus leaves prior to this event and returns on the day of this celebration with a behemoth leaving for the purpose of decorating, similar to the logging of conifers for use as Christmas trees.
Abdominal sausages Guts. (Source: Friendsim: Volume 6)
Ablutionrobe Bathrobe (Source: Friendsim: Volume 4)
Ablution trapSburb Logo Bathtub.
Acid tract Stomach. (Source: Hiveswap: Act 1)
Acid tubes Intestines. (Source: Hiveswap: Act 1)
Aggravation spongeSburb Logo Part of a troll's brain. Likely the amygdala, the human brain section responsible for fear, aggression and the fight or flight response.
Alternian slam poetrySburb Logo An ancient form of rap.
Anguish bladderSburb Logo A gland inside the troll forehead that stores dismay fluid. Likely a tear gland or part of the troll endocrine system.
ArcheradicatorSburb Logo An elite unit in the Troll military. Sought by Equius. Said to be "perhaps the most noble echelon the imperial forces have to offer", and implied to involve archery. A portmanteau of Archer and Eradicator.
Arena stickball An Alternian sport best described as a hybrid of baseball, quidditch, rugby, and pool. More info in the respective article. (Source: Hiveswap: Act 1)
Auricular sponge clotsSburb Logo Some part of the inner ear.
AuspisticeSburb Logo A troll's contentious platonic romantic partner, one who acts as a moderator, mediator and chaperone between two contentious parties, preventing a normal rivalry or feud from spiraling out of control. One of the four sorts of lover Trolls desire. See ashen quadrant for further details.
Autoerogenous shame globesSburb Logo Part of the troll sexual anatomy. Karkat mentions "stimulating our autoerogenous shame globes" as a seeming analogue for masturbation.
Baabeast Sheep (Source: Friendsim: Volume 4)
Baby baabeast Lamb (Source: Friendsim: Volume 4)
Banana hammockSburb Logo Briefs (possibly just human slang, since it was used by Arquiusprite and he prefixed it with "human").
Bark gnomesSburb Logo Some sort of possibly-mythical tree-dwelling fairies from Alternian folklore. Mentioned only once by Karkat, could have been made up on the fly as part of a snarky retort.
BarkbeastSburb Logo Dog.
BarkfiendSburb Logo Dog.
BeefgrubSburb Logo Some of insectoid Alternian livestock and/or a meat product made from said animal.
Behemoth leaving Sburb Logo Poop of a large creature. Traditionally dragged in by one's lusus and decorated similar to a Christmas tree on 12th Perigees' Eve.
Bellowsacs Lungs. (Source: Hiveswap: Act 1)
Bellowsac enclosures Ribs. (Source: Friendsim: Volume 3)
Bileslaw Possibly a kind of coleslaw. (Source: Hiveswap: Act 1)
Bivalvular sea critter Oyster (Source: Friendsim: Volume 4)
BlockSburb Logo Room. See: "Respiteblock," "Rumpusblock," "Looneyblock."
Blow sackSburb Logo Vocal sac (an organ used by some species of frogs to amplify their croaks).
Bobblenugs Bobbleheads. (Source: Hiveswap: Act 1)
Boiled tree blood Maple syrup. (Source: Friendsim: Volume 3)
Bone bulgeSburb Logo A vulgar term possibly referring to a phallic part of troll anatomy. Not exclusively used by trolls.Sbahj icon
Bone nookSburb Logo A vulgar term for a specific bodily orifice. May be synonymous with nook.
Breeze blenderSburb Logo Fan.
BugwingedSburb Logo An expletive adjective. Due to the cultural idealization of insect wings among trolls, possibly a form of religious cursing or blasphemy ("holy shit", "god-damnit" etc.)
Bulbhuggers Jokingly suggested term for bra by the author.
BulgeSburb Logo Likely synonymous with bone bulge. Vulgar.
BUOYSburb Logo Politically correct Beforan term for lowbloods. (Burgundy / Umber / Ocher / Yellowgreen)
Buttery exploded kernels Popcorn (Source: Friendsim: Volume 5)
Cartilaginous nub Sburb Logo Nose.
CavalreaperSburb Logo Elite mounted unit of the Alternian military. Sought by Tavros.
Chagrin tunnelSburb Logo Either rectum, or the mouth of a complainer. May be intentionally synonymous as an insult.
Cheese critterSburb Logo Mouse
Cheekblades Cheekbones (Source: Friendsim: Volume 4)
Chitin Chunk Likely a troll sexual organ. (Source: The Grubbles' Broom Temperature lyric video)
Chitinous windholeSburb Logo Larynx.
CholerbearSburb Logo A bear-like lusus. Possibly has six arms/limbs as suggested by Karkat in a conversation with Jade. At least some varieties are armoredSburb Logo. Sometimes a lusus for tealbloods, noted as being sluggish and large enough to rideSburb Logo. Particularly strong armsSburb Logo.
ChumbucketSburb Logo Derogatory term for sea dwellers, extremely vulgar (see filial pail and Wikipedia's chumming article for some context).
Chug collumn Neck (Source: Friendsim: Volume 4)
Churned dairy product Butter. (Source: Friendsim: Volume 3)
CIPSburb Logo Politically correct Beforan term for land dwelling highbloods. (Cerulean / Indigo / Purple)
CluckbeastSburb Logo Chicken.
Cluckbeast ova Chicken egg. (Source: Hiveswap: Act 1)
Clutchropes Grappling hooks / harpoons. (Source: Paradox Space - Critical MissPXS icon)
CocoonSburb Logo Synonymous with Recuperacoon.
Collapsing and expanding bladder based aquatic vascular systemSburb Logo The sea troll equivalent of the heart.
Collide-and-scamper Hit-and-run (Source: Friendsim: Volume 4)
Communal hive stemSburb Logo Apartment tower.
Container of scalding leaf fluidSburb Logo Cup of tea.
Corpse boxSburb Logo Improvised or rarely-used term for casket. (Trolls do not hold funerals)
Crisprange Stove. (Source: Hiveswap: Act 1)
Crossing trestleSburb Logo Bridge.
Cruel Aid Alternian equivalent of Kool Aid. (Source: Hiveswap: Act 1)
CullSburb Logo Alternian: Kill, within the context of Alternia's brutal, Spartanesque system of survival.
Beforan (and Feferi's personal dictionary. Related, as she is the empress in the Beforan universe): Adopt and coddle.
Cullbait Conspicuously displaying cullable traits. (Source: Friendsim: Volume 6)
Daywalker A Troll who can survive the harsh sunlight of Alternia's Star. Examples include Kanaya.
Digestion bladder Stomach. (Source: Friendsim: Volume 4)
Dirt noodles Earthworms. ("open a can of dirt noodles")
Dismay fluidSburb Logo Either tears or some sort of endocrine fluid. Stored in the anguish bladder.
Dong shouterSburb Logo Bell.
Dross cofferSburb Logo Garbage can, dumpster, wastebasket, bin, trash receptacle.
Eastern Alternia Equivalent of Japan. (Source: Friendsim: Volume 6)
Eastern Alternian Pornography Equivalent of Hentai. (Source: Friendsim: Volume 6)
Enclosure talonsSburb Logo Quotation marks.
Excessive bodily force poetry Slam poetry. (Source: Friendsim: Volume 6)
Exoskeleton Sburb Logo Typically literal, but can be used in the same way as a human would use backbone e.g. "Backbone of an argument."
Falldown slatSburb Logo Skateboard.
Fantasy phantom Sburb Logo Imaginary friend.
Fart niblets Sburb Logo Beans.
Filial pailSburb Logo The type of buckets used to store and transport troll reproductive slurry. All buckets are seen as sexual items as a result of this function, and it is normal buckets are rarely used by trolls.
Finish crumbsSburb Logo Periods (the punctuation).
Flavor Disc Pizza. (Source: Hiveswap: Act 1)
FlaysquadSburb Logo A unit of Threshecutioners.
Flushed Affirmation Day Valentine's Day (Source: Friendsim: Volume 5)
Four wheel deviceSburb Logo Skateboard, wheelchairSburb Logo, and likely other devices bearing four wheels.
FrondSburb Logo Leg (as in "pulling someone's frond")
Frond nub Tree ("BRAYING UP THE WRONG FROND NUB.")Sburb Logo
GallsphincterSburb Logo Some nature of valve in the troll biliary tract, possibly the sphincter of ampulla.
GamblignantSburb Logo An Alternian class of roguish noble thieves and pirates, regarded as a scourge upon Troll society but also hired as mercenaries. Vriska aspires to be one of them.
Game grubSburb Logo Alternian equivalent of game cartridges, discs, USB drives and so on. Also the name of an Alternian / Beforan gaming magazine and counterpart of Earth's GameBro / Game GRL.
Gander bulbSburb Logo Eyeball, possibly retina.
Gander precipice Balcony. (Source: Hiveswap: Act 1)
Gastric evacuation gland Some gland within the lower digestive system; ass. (Source: Hiveswap: Act 1)
Glance nuggetSburb Logo Eye.
Gland holsters Jokingly suggested term for bra by the author.
Glitter biscuit Gold star sticker, possibly other or all bright medals or awards. (Source: Paradox Space - Headed for StardomPXS icon)
GobblefiendSburb Logo Turkey
GrubSburb Logo A highly common term used for various sorts of insect larvae (and non-larval insectoids with neotenous, larva-like shapes) and their derivatives. Examples include:
  • Alternian insectoid livestock (see beefgrub, grubsauce, grubsteak and grubloaf).
  • Baby trolls (AKA wigglers).
  • Game grubs.
  • Mother grubs.
Grub-fistedSburb Logo Ham-fisted.
Grubcakes Pancakes. (Source: Friendsim: Volume 3)
Grubcream Ice cream (Source: Friendsim: Volume 5)
Grublette Omlette (Source: Friendsim: Volume 4)
GrubloafSburb Logo Alternian food with similarities to one or more of meatloaf, bread, sausage rolls or meat buns. Likely fashioned from insectoid livestock. Commonly leavenedSburb Logo.
Grubloaf and tuber pasteSburb Logo Meat and potatoes.
GrubsauceSburb LogoSburb LogoSburb Logo Seems to be a blanket term for any troll condiment; used as an analog to mayonnaise when Sollux said thii2 2hiit2 more real than kraft grub2auce in obvious analogy to Dave's line this shits more real than kraft mayo, and used as an analog to corn syrup when Vriska said high fructose gru8 sauce. It comes in multiple colours and it can be mistaken for blood.
GrubshedSburb Logo Some sort of toolshed, woodshed or barn.
Grubslurry Edible slurry from some sort of insectoid livestock. Likely comparable to ground meat. (Source: Hiveswap: Act 1)
Grubsteak Steak from some sort of insectoid livestock.
GrubtubeSburb Logo
  1. Alternian equivalent of YouTube. Mentioned by Vriska.
  2. An equivalent to the plugSburb Logo. If the latter usage is related to Game Grubs, they may be fed and accessed by these tubes similar to an umbilical as suggested by this panel.Sburb Logo
GrubwurstSburb Logo A type of sausage made from Alternian insectoid livestock.
HatchedSburb Logo Born. (used in social phrases such as "a hatched leader", "[they were] hatched for each otherSburb Logo", "hatchrightSburb Logo" etc.)
HateSburb Logo Troll's four-fold romance include complex forms of hate, however trolls also experience the sort of hate humans do.
Goregle Equivalent of Google. Also has "Goregle maps" equivalent to Google Maps. (Source: Friendsim: Volume 6)
HatefriendSburb LogoSburb Logo A friend / rival of the non-romantic variety.
Having one's horns handed to themSburb Logo Soundly defeated. Served.
Hear Ducts Sburb Logo Ear canal.
Heft satchels Jokingly suggested term for bra by the author.
Hemospectrum Sburb Logo Range of troll blood colors. Closely tied to, if not outright dictative, of social status and class. More info in the respective article.
Hive Sburb Logo Home.
Hold poles Railings.
HonkbirdSburb Logo Goose.
HoofSburb Logo Slang term for foot among certain circles of Troll society, typically landed highbloods with a favor for muscle culture.
HoofbeastSburb Logo Horses, cow, bull and possibly other hooved animals.
Hoofbeastmanure Bullshit / horseshit, chiefly in the pejorative.
Hunger trunkSburb LogoSburb Logo Refrigerator.
Huskloaf Likely some sort of food made from troll grubs or grub carapace. May be related to grubloaf. (Source: Hiveswap: Act 1)
HusktopSburb Logo Laptop.
Hydration cylinder Soda can. (Source: Hiveswap: Act 1)
Ignorance shaftSburb Logo Throat of a foolish person, or someone saying something foolish.
Ignorance tunnelSburb Logo Mouth of a foolish person, or someone saying something foolish.
Inexpensive tobacco flutesSburb Logo Cheap cigars.
Injury panel Skateboard.
InvertebrotherSburb Logo Slang for "bro" used by Gamzee and Kurloz.
Jut duffels Jokingly suggested term for bra by the author.
KismesisSburb LogoSburb Logo A troll's contentious sexual partner, who acts as a romantic enemy, rival with benefits and hate-mate. See caliginous quadrant for further details.
LaughsassinSburb Logo An Alternian class of performer-assassins. Likely a sub-type of Subjugglator. Gamzee has referred to their usage of trapezes.
LawnmealSburb Logo Picnic.
LawnringSburb Logo Yard.
LegislaceratorSburb Logo An Alternian class of bounty hunter-lawyers. Terezi aspires to their ranks. A portmateau of Legislator and Laceration.
Load gaper Toilet.
Lobe stemSburb Logo Brainstem.
LookstubsSburb Logo Eyes.
LooneyblockSburb Logo Insane asylum.
Loungeplank Couch / sofa. (Source: Hiveswap: Act 1)
LumpsquirtSburb Logo A vulgar term for some nature of bodily fluid.
Lusus A Troll's bonded animal guardian, found during their trials in the caverns as infants and sharing a blood colour. Trolls and their Lusii in a symbiotic relationship, acting as dual-caretakers, guardians and pets. More info in the respective article.
MarchbugsSburb Logo Ants.
Matesprit A Troll's affectionate, sexual romantic partner, who functions identical to a human lover. See flushed quadrant for further details.
Mating fondness Sexual attraction, possibly for matespritship only.
Meal block Sburb Logo Kitchen.
Meal tunnelSburb Logo Throat.
Meal vault Fridge and/or freezer.
Medicalizer A small contraption in the wall for highbloods that is capable of healing serious injuries such as broken bones. Mainly fit for arms and/or legs. (Source: Friendsim: Volume 2)
Moirail A troll's affectionate, platonic romantic partner, who acts as a close friend, counselor and mutual-moderator. See pale quadrant for further details.
Moobeast Cow. (Source:Friendsim: Volume 6)
Mucus on the grubloafSburb Logo Icing/cherry on the cake, tip of the iceberg and similar phrases.
MusclebeastSburb Logo Alternian centaurs. Might also refer to horses or impressive hoofbeasts in general.
Nibble verminSburb Logo Rat.
Nook Sburb Logo A vulgar term for a bodily orifice, either generally or to a specific one, in which case phrases like "up to my nook" or "head up his nook" suggest it may refer to the anus, as among humans these phrases replace "nook" with "ass". May be synonymous with bone nook.
Nub A general term for many blunt, rounded body part (noseSburb Logo, shoulderSburb Logo, chestSburb Logo, kneesSburb Logo, Karkat's hornsSburb Logo, etc.). Can mean foot, apparently ("I w8ted on you prong and fucking nu8."Sburb Logo)
NugboneSburb Logo Head.
Nut creatureSburb Logo Squirrel.
Nutrition cylinderSburb Logo Cans of food.
Nutrition plateauSburb LogoSburb LogoSburb Logo Plate.
Oblong meat product One of many terms used by Diemen for the troll hotdog (although the word hotdog appears to also be in use).
OJA Politically correct Beforan term for midbloods. (Olive / Jade / Aqua)
Omniscuttlecoach Bus. (Source: Hiveswap: Act 1)
One wheel device Unicycle.
Oral sphincterSburb Logo Some part of a Mother Grub's anatomy, of which it possesses at least three, one of which is vestigial.
Pity According to Karkat, Alternian trolls use the term "pity" to refer to any emotion not under the umbrella of hate. Even love is classified as a form of pity. It's possible that Karkat was simply exaggerating and being cynical. Regardless, Beforan trolls use a different, unknown emotional classification system, as the only Beforan troll to use the term "pity" is Cronus, who uses it the same way a human would, and Horuss talks about how he fell in love with Rufioh.
Platonic hatred Non-romantic human-style hatred.
Pointy-ass glam badges Gold star stickers. (Source: Paradox Space - Headed for StardomPXS icon)
Porous cranial platesSburb Logo Some area of internal head or skull anatomy.
Posture pole Sburb Logo Spine.
ProbechuteSburb Logo Likely of some troll sexual organ. Alternately, it may refer to part of some sensory organ (nostril, ear canal, some opening in the gills or fins on the sides of sea dweller faces).
ProngSburb LogoSburb Logo Finger.
Protein chuteSburb Logo Esophagus.
Protrusion hammocks Jokingly suggested term for bra by the author.
Pump biscuit Sburb Logo Heart. BothSburb Logo termsSburb Logo have been used by Equius.
PupaSburb Logo Literally a troll larva in pupation, but frequently and cultural used as a term for a young child, most likely a toddler who's only freshly pupated and emerged from the caverns. Used as an insult for cowardly or fanciful older children.
Rainbow drinkerSburb Logo The troll equivalent of a vampire, a jade-blooded troll who has drank the blood of other trolls. The word "rainbow" refers to the many colours of the troll hemospectrum. Rainbow drinkers are stated by Kanaya to be clearly distinct from shadow droppersSburb Logo. Their skin can glows white and their eyes yellow (and they are naturally unaffected or benefit from sunlight, and are more comfortable with sunshine than normal trolls) and they are apparently incredibly fast.
Rainbow drinker serum A substance applied to the skin that makes that area glow, much like a rainbow drinker (Source: Friendsim: Volume 4)
Recuperacoon The unusual containers of Sopor Slime that Alternian trolls use as beds. Trolls refer to all beds as these or cocoons.
Resifluid Greywater; sullage. (Source: Hiveswap: Act 1)
Respiteblock Bedroom.
Royal-V Politically correct Beforan term for seadwelling violet bloods.
RuffiannihilatorSburb Logo A exceptionally strong, unarmed class of the Alternian military. Ideal for Equius, who considers this as acceptable given his inability to join the Archeradicators. A portmanteau of Ruffian and Annihilator.
Rumble spheres Sburb Logo Breasts.
Rumpusblock Sburb Logo Rumpus room / rec room.
Scalding Leaf Fluid Tea. Mostly used by Terezi.
SchoolfedSburb Logo Schooled. As in soundly defeated.
SchoolhiveSburb Logo Schoolhouse.
ScienstiffSburb Logo A historical group which drew the ire of the Subjugglators. Mentioned by Gamzee while comparing to Dave as one.
Scourdray Mop cart. (Source: Hiveswap: Act 1)
ScuttlebuggySburb Logo A car or car-like vehicle.
Seed flapSburb Logo Some troll sexual organ, used pejoratively as a term for someone's mouth.
Shadow dropperSburb Logo Certain types of diurnal Alternian undead (trolls are nocturnal and the Alternian sun is dangerous, meaning the living are unlikely to ever cast a shadow while outdoors), of which there appears to be a variety.
Shame globes Testicles.
Shithive maggotsSburb Logo Analogous to the phrase "batshit crazy".
Shout pole Exclamation mark.
Shout Sphincter Sburb Logo Vocal chords.
SkyhorseSburb Logo Alternia's flying seahorse Lusii, generally used by seadwellers. Snooty individuals are told to "get off their high skyhorse".
Slurry Genetic material produced by the mysteries of Troll copulation and deposited into filial pails, where drones transport it to the Mother Grub to be used to inseminate her. Sometimes termed "reproductive", "diabolic" and/or "incestuous" slurry.
Snack mineralSburb Logo Salt.
SniffnodeSburb Logo Some part of the olfactor system.
Snort BarrelsSburb Logo Nostrils, either internal and/or external.
Snuggleplane Blanket.
Solar sweep / sweep Alternian equivalent of a year. Exactly as long as 2 Earth years and 2 Earth months (give or take a few days due to variable month length), or approximately 2.16 Earth years.
Smearspinner Floor waxer. (Source: Hiveswap: Act 1)
Spinal creviceSburb Logo Ass / ass crack.
Spine LumpSburb Logo Unknown. Perhaps a part of the forehead, scalp or horns, part of the upper hack, or some sort of insect worn as a hat or helmet.
Splaysac Beanbag chair, typically filled with sopor slime. (Source: Hiveswap: Act 1)
SpleenfowlSburb Logo A type of bird large enough to ride. Described as "8rainless" and "squawking". A common lusus for tealbloods.
SpongeSburb Logo Part or all of the brain. May refer to any soft, spongy tissue (i.e., sponge clots).
Squawk blisterSburb Logo Voicebox and/or Adam's apple.
Squawk gaper Sburb Logo Mouth.
Squeal pipetteSburb Logo Throat.
Stemcluster City. (Source: Hiveswap: Act 1)
Stingbug's nest Bee/hornet/wasp's nest.
Strut pod Sburb Logo Foot.
Subjugglator An Alternian class, social and possibly military as well, of religious police and enforcers, recruited exclusively from land-dwelling Purplebloods. Often synonymous with "Highblood."
Surprise noodle Question mark.
Swaychair Sburb Logo Rocking chair.
Talk blaster Mouth.
Tactical contingistrat Plan. (Source: Troll Call)
Television Streaming Service and turn down the temperature Netflix and chill (Source: Friendsim: Volume 5)
Thermal hullSburb Logo Fridge.
Think pan Sburb Logo Brain and/or head.
Thorax Sburb Logo "Asleep at the thorax" is used in the same context as "asleep at the wheel"; the idiom probably originates in the Alternian equivalent of horseback riding.
ThreshecutionerSburb Logo An Alternian class of sickle-wielding soldiers, and the most lethally acclaimed members of troll society. They conquered more planets than any other Imperial Force, and Karkat aspires to join their ranks. Explored in Openbound.
Throb Stalk Sburb Logo Either part of troll genitalia or a sex toy. (CCG: IF YOU FEEL THE NEED TO SAY SOMETHING SMUG, DO ME A FAVOR AND SHOVE A THROB STALK IN IT.)
Thump tortoise Sburb Logo Term for heart, used once by Meenah.
Tomewriggler Bookworm. (Source: Troll Call)
Torso Pillar Sburb Logo Spine.
Troll Caegar An item of coinage, roughly equivalent to an American dime ("troll caegar a dozen"). Terezi owns a double-headed one she uses for "decisions." , depicting Troll Julius Caesar ("Caegar" continuing the running gag of "Gog" and "Jegus") with his eyes on one side scratched out.
Trolling Sburb Logo Used for all forms of online instant messaging as well as trolling.
Trunkbeast Sburb Logo Elephant.
Tubeflora shavings Wood shavings. (Source: Hiveswap: Act 1)
Tuber paste Sburb Logo| Mashed potatoes.
Two wheel device Bicycle.
Vacillation Romantic uncertainty; a troll attempting to have multiple romances with the same partner. Uniquely applicable to the troll race's fourfold romance. An integral part of romantic and dramatic fiction, but considered immature in an individual.
Wader Derogatory Beforan term for sea dwellers and their allies.
Weakslime Sburb Logo Weaksauce.
Wheel device Sburb Logo General term for wheeled vehicles. Usually proceeded by number of wheels. EX: One Wheel Device = Unicycle.
Wiggler Sburb Logo Larval troll. Also used by Aranea to refer to baby cherubs.Sburb Logo
Sometimes mistaken as being "wriggler"; however, that spelling has only ever been used once, by pre-sober Roxy.Sburb Logo
Wipe Period of time shorter than a sweep. Possibly analogous to a week or a month. (Source: Hiveswap: Act 1)
Wobble rucksack Jokingly suggested term for bra by the author.
WoolbeastSburb Logo Sheep.
Woolbeast MaterialSburb Logo Wool.
Wriggling daySburb Logo Birthday.
Sometimes mistaken as being "wiggling day"; however, that spelling has only ever been used in one conversation, between Jake and pre-sober Roxy.Sburb Logo
Zigzag incline Stairs. (Source: Hiveswap: Act 1)


  • Although trolls haven't used a specific word to refer to cats except for just 'cats', the Troll Call card for Wanshi Adyata calls them purrbeasts.