The completed Troll Call roster as of March 24th, 2018

The Troll Call was a weekly Hiveswap event whereby a pair of new canonical Hiveswap trolls were revealed every Wednesday around 20:00 CET on the What Pumpkin Tumblr and on a dedicated tracker on, in what was likely intended to be a build-up for the planned release of Hiveswap: Act 2 in Spring of 2018. Troll Call was announced and debuted on November 11th, 2017, via the What Pumpkin Tumblr, with the reveal of the first two Troll Call trolls, Zebede Tongva and Tyzias Entykk. The last two trolls, Lanque Bombyx and Remele Namaaq, were revealed on March 14th, 2018, exactly 6 months after the release of Hiveswap: Act 1 (September 14th, 2017). Although this marked the end of the Troll Call, What Pumpkin hinted that the event may return in the future and that we should "wait and sea", perhaps hinting that a future Troll Call would introduce some Seadwellers, who were not present in this initial run.

The Troll Call tracker consists of an image of 36 "troll cards", containing the images of each Troll Call troll to be featured in silhouette, with cards being filled in with detail and a link to further information about each troll as they are revealed. The 36 silhouettes represented 38 Troll Call trolls revealed in total (as the Soleil twins take up only a single card, as do Folykl and Kuprum). Several of the revealed Troll Call trolls later went on to be featured in Hiveswap Friendsim volumes, building on their characters and giving them a greater spotlight.

All of the Troll Call trolls bear symbols taken from the Alternian library of signs known as the extended zodiac. Information regarding sign names, Lunar Sway and Aspect are provided by the official Hiveswap website's Extended Zodiac section. As the Hiveswap and Hauntswitch games are believed to not be directly linked to The Game, any information regarding aspects and lunar sway may not be relevant to Hiveswap itself.

Troll statistics and demographyEdit

The Troll Call introduced 38 individual Alternian trolls from the Homestuck/Hiveswap universe, radically expanding the number of named troll characters known. Of these trolls, fourteen are addressed as male, twenty are addressed as female, two are addressed as gender-neutral, and Barzum and Baizli have yet to have their gender confirmed. Although gender counts cannot be directly made as terms of address are not necessarily an indicator of gender, Charun and Cirava (the same pair who are confirmed to be addressed as gender neutral), have been confirmed to be non-binary, and one troll, Lanque, has been confirmed to be transgender (It is unknown if in Alternian culture the two non-binary trolls would also come under the transgender umbrella). These three trolls represent the first known example of non-binary and transgender identities in Alternian culture, as well as, in Lanque, the first explicitly transgender character in the Homestuck/Hiveswap canon.

Of the 38 trolls, there are three burgundy-bloods, three bronze-bloods, five gold-bloods, four olive-bloods, five jade-bloods , five teal-bloods, four cerulean-bloods, four indigo-bloods, and five purple-bloods. The Troll Call did not reveal any lime-bloods, or any new blood mutants or seadwellers. The lack of seadwellers could be seen to reflect their comparative rarity of highbloods to lowbloods described in Homestuck, although the rest of the revealed trolls do not follow such a ratio, and in fact the two lowest rungs of the hemospectrum are the least represented in the Troll Call. Given this, perhaps the lack of seadwellers was more of a deliberate choice, and furthermore it was hinted that Seadwellers may appear in a future iteration of the Troll Call.

Two trolls, Ardata and Marvus, currently have unknown signs, although Marvus was briefly depicted in the Troll Call roster wearing the Caprist sign on a top hat. What Pumpkin later stated that this was not his actual sign. Only one troll had an unknown name; Karako Pierot (Referred to as "Who is this?" before his name was revealed in his Friendsim volume), although one other, Elwurd, has an unknown first name and is thus known only by her second name. It is possible that these missing details will be revealed in Hiveswap: Act 2, Hiveswap Friendsim volumes, or other later Hiveswap/Hauntswitch acts/content.

Going by the lunar sways associated with their extended zodiac signs, 22 trolls have Prospit sway, whereas only 14 have Derse sway, and two others have unknown sway due to their having unknown signs. The reason for this uneven lunar sway ratio, with a tendency for the introduced trolls to have Prospit sway, if there is one, is unknown. The disparity may rather be simply coincidental (or accidental on the part of What Pumpkin). The most represented aspect is hope with 6 trolls (4 Prospit, 2 Derse), while the least represented is life with one troll (Lanque, a Prospit dreamer). There are no Prospit-bound trolls that are also void-bound, and there are no Derse-bound trolls that are either life-bound or time-bound. The list of aspects based on troll call representation is Hope (6), Mind (5), Breath (3), Heart (3), Rage (3), Blood (3), Doom (3), Void (3), Light (2), Time (2), Space (2), and Life (1).

Troll Call trolls Edit

The following list is made in order of introduction, not by order of the hemospectrum.

Zebede TongvaEdit

Main article: Zebede Tongva

Zebede Tongva is a gold-blooded troll with the Gempio sign (The Concise, Prospit sway, Light-bound).

  • aspiring beekeeper
  • 3 hours too far away to visit
  • subchirps you when you don't

Tyzias EntykkEdit

Main article: Tyzias Entykk

Tyzias Entykk is a teal-blooded troll with the Licer sign (The Charmer, Prospit sway, Blood-bound) 

  • sleeps once a week
  • ask her about her controversial theroies regarding traditional jurisprudence
  • that's not coffee

Mallek AdalovEdit

Main article: Mallek Adalov

Mallek Adalov is a cerulean-blooded troll with the Scorist sign (The Mutineer, Prospit sway, Time-bound)

  • master of the blockchain
  • 13 piercings as of the last count
  • sweet kicks

Daraya JonjetEdit


Daraya Jonjet is a jade-blooded troll with the Virnius sign (The Fierce, Prospit sway, Hope-bound)

Her first name is a reference to the series "Daria," and is also the Somali translation for “darling”, which may be referencing Kanaya. Her last name is a reference to Joan Jett and possibly pronounced the same.

Barzum SoleilEdit


Barzum Soleil is a purple-blooded troll with the Capriun sign (The Cartographer, Derse sway, Breath-bound)

  • they share a lusus / [they share everything]
  • communicate with each other telepathically... / [...and through unbroken dead-eyed stares]
  • tragicomic

They and Baizli were originally shown as a single silhouette with both of their larger "horns" on the Troll Call. Their first name is a reference to "Barnum" of Barnum & Bailey Circus and their last name is a reference to Cirque du Soleil. The two are the first known case of troll siblings and visually seems to be reluctant to "share everything". Both Barzum and Baizli have explicitly not had their genders revealed. The name Barzum, in the Black Speech, means "darkness". The word Soleil means (of a charge) surrounded by rays, as of the sun. The name Barzum Soleil means "surrounded by darkness".

Baizli SoleilEdit


Baizli Soleil is a purple-blooded troll with the Caprimini sign (The Perilous, Derse sway, Doom-bound)

  • [they share a lusus] / they share everything
  • [communicate with each other telepathically...] / ...and through unbroken dead-eyed stares
  • keeps hydrated

They and Barzum were originally shown as a single silhouette with both of their larger "horns" on the Troll Call. Their first name is a reference to "Bailey" of Barnum & Bailey Circus and their last name is a reference to Cirque du Soleil. The two are the first known case of troll siblings, and seems to be the initiator of "sharing everything". Both Barzum and Baizli have explicitly not had their genders revealed.

Nihkee MoolahEdit


Nihkee Moolah is an indigo-blooded troll with the Sagicorn sign (The Wild, Prospit sway, Rage-bound)

  • active in Muscular Theater
  • lost a leg but gained the upper hand
  • subcultural gatekeeper

Nihkee is phonetically similar to the name Nikki, and Moolah is slang for money and is also a reference to famous woman's wrestler Fabulous Moolah. Her belt also reflects this as it is reminiscent of a WWE championship belt. Her first name may also be a reference to Nike, the Greek goddess of victory who only had one wing; Nihkee having only one leg may reflect this. Although Nihkee's pronouns were not used officially following her reveal, a post by team member Poinko refers to her using she/her.

Chahut MaenadEdit

Main article: Chahut Maenad

Chahut Maenad is a purple-blooded troll with the Caprinius sign (The Credulous, Prospit sway, Hope-Bound)

  • 2 weeks from exile
  • single and ready to mangle
  • loves to scrapbook!

Diemen XicaliEdit

Main article: Diemen Xicali

Diemen Xicali is a rust-blooded troll with the Arrius sign (The Visualizer, Derse sway, Hope-bound).

  • All About That Oblong Meat Product
  • oblong meat product contents: uncertain
  • current oblong meat product temperature: 65 degrees fahrenheit

Skylla KorigaEdit

Main article: Skylla Koriga

Skylla Koriga is a bronze-blooded troll with the Taurist sign (The Prosperous, Prospit sway, Time-bound).

  • vegetarian, somehow
  • mouth twig passed down from her lusus's mouth
  • what IS tarnation?

Folykl Darane Edit

Main article: Folykl Darane

Folykl Darane is a gold-blooded troll with the Gemittarius sign (The Sapient, Derse sway, Void-bound).

  • quietly drains psychic energy like an app you forgot to close out
  • whats a shower

Kuprum Maxlol Edit

Main article: Kuprum Maxlol

Kuprum Maxlol is a gold-blooded troll with the Gemnius sign (The Canny, Prospit sway, Hope-bound).

  • knows exactly what happensSburb Logo to the best psychics and is, sincerely, THRILLED
  • strident online crusader for the empire

Charun Krojib Edit

Main article: Charun Krojib

Charun Krojib is an olive-blooded troll with the Leiborn sign (The Paradox, Derse sway, Rage-bound). 

  • lost and found artist
  • eats worms inside their cave, not as bad as it sounds
  • deconstructively organized

Amisia Erdehn Edit

Main article: Amisia Erdehn

Amisia Erdehn is an indigo-blooded troll with the Sagira sign (The Tenable, Prospit sway, Mind-bound).

  • money can't buy talent but it does buy very expensive lessons
  • cutting off heads is harder than you'd think
  • makes her own paint

Polypa Goezee Edit

Main article: Polypa Goezee

Polypa Goezee is an olive-blooded troll with the Leus sign (The Flexible, Prospit sway, Breath-bound).

  • cant's catch her if she's on fire*
  • pittiless mercenary
  • gives excellent relationship advice... to the highest bidder

*bandages unrelated to fire

Tegiri Kalbur Edit

Main article: Tegiri Kalbur

Tegiri Kalbur is a teal-blooded troll with the Libitarrius sign (The Hidden, Derse sway, Void-bound).

*Translator's note: plan means tactical contingistrat

Tirona Kasund Edit

Main article: Tirona Kasund

Tirona Kasund is a teal-blooded troll with the Liblo sign (The Inescapable, Prospit sway, Heart-bound). 

Lynera Skalbi Edit

Main article: Lynera Skalbi

Lynera Skalbi is a jade-blooded troll with the Viriborn sign (The Stringent, Derse sway, Rage-bound). 

?????? ElwurdEdit

Main article: ?????? Elwurd

?????? Elwurd is a cerulean-blooded troll with the Scornius sign (The Radical, Prospit sway, Hope-bound).

Galekh Xigisi Edit

Main article: Galekh Xigisi

Galekh Xigisi is an indigo-blooded troll with the Sagicer sign (The Hostess, Prospit sway, Blood-bound).

Vikare Ratite Edit

Main article: Vikare Ratite

Vikare Ratite is a bronze-blooded troll with the Taurza sign (The Revealer, Derse sway, Mind-bound).

  • absurd dreams of non-interstellar flight
  • feet on the ground, head in the sky
  • huge Hatched 2 Dance stan

Boldir Lamati Edit

Main article: Boldir Lamati

Boldir Lamati is an olive-blooded troll with the Lelo sign (The Steadfast, Prospit sway, Heart-bound). 

  • big coat, bigger secrets
  • on a mission to expose the deep-state lunacracy
  • foil-lined hat protects her from celestial influences

Cirava Hermod Edit

Main article: Cirava Hermod

Cirava Hermod is a gold-blooded troll with the Gemrius sign (The Perceptive, Derse sway, Hope-bound).

  • they shouldn't be alive
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (but with horns)

Tagora Gorjek Edit

Main article: Tagora Gorjek

Tagora Gorjek is a teal-blooded troll with the Liga sign (The Dogged, Derse sway, Space-bound). 

  • call him gor-gor
  • antisocial climber
  • if he's talking you've already lost

Ardata Carmia Edit

Main article: Ardata Carmia

Ardata Carmia is a cerulean-blooded troll with an unknown sign, as it is hidden by a cape in her Troll Call reveal card.

Marvus Xoloto Edit

Main article: Marvus Xoloto

Marvus Xoloto is a purple-blooded troll with an unknown sign.

The Caprist sign (The Audacious, Prospit sway, Time-bound) was briefly visible on his top hat on the Troll Call site; the top hat was later removed with a statement from whatpumpkin commenting: "That wasn’t his actual sign, though. Marvus is a trickster, AKA, a lying piece of shit. You’ll have to wait ‘till ACT 2 to see his actual sign. Never trust a clown, kids. They’re addicted to pranks." In the next Troll Call his hat was returned, only to be removed again sometime later. 

Fozzer Velyes Edit

Main article: Fozzer Velyes

Fozzer Velyes is a burgundy-blooded troll with the Aro sign (The Lost, Derse sway, Heart-bound). He was first known to the fandom as "Digger" in unconfirmed leaks.

Stelsa Sezyat Edit

Main article: Stelsa Sezyat

Stelsa Sezyat is a teal-blooded troll with the Licen sign (The Worshipper, Derse sway, Blood-bound).

  • no accounting for taste
  • troll jewish
  • wait, what did you mean, "texting your sister"

Wanshi Adyata Edit

Main article: Wanshi Adyata

Wanshi Adyata is a jade-blooded troll with the Virmino sign (The Inexhaustible, Prospit sway, Doom-bound).

  • The brooding coverns' resident tomewriggler
  • big name in the Soldier Purrbeasts fandom
  • knows it. all of it

Bronya Ursama Edit

Main article: Bronya Ursama

Bronya Ursama is a jade-blooded troll with the Virus sign (The Adaptable, Prospit sway, Breath-bound).

Chixie RoixmrEdit

Main article: Chixie Roixmr

Chixie Roixmr is a bronze-blooded troll with the Taurra sign (The Transient, Prospit sway, Mind-bound). 

  • debut album titled "CHIXIE"
  • blocks all non-praise
  • self-promotion sickness

Zebruh CodakkEdit

Main article: Zebruh Codakk

Zebruh Codakk is a indigo-blooded troll with the Sagamino sign (The Penitent, Prospit sway, Doom-bound).

  • olive girls are so strong... some guys are threatened by that, but he likes it a lot.
  • self-proclaimed "gutterblood ally"
  • already in your DMs

Azdaja Knelax Edit

Main article: Azdaja Knelax

Azdaja Knelax is a gold-blooded troll with the Gemra sign (The Pilot, Prospit sway, Mind-bound).

Konyyl Okimaw Edit

Main article: Konyyl Okimaw

Konyyl Okimaw is a olive-blooded troll with the Lepia sign (The Synthesizer, Derse sway, Light-bound).

Who Is This? Edit

Main article: Karako Pierot

Karako Pierot is a purple-blooded troll with the Caprira sign (The Unwavering, Prospit sway, Mind-bound). His name was only revealed with the release of Friendsim Volume 14, and until then was only referred to as "Who Is This?".

  • Seriously, I don't know who this is.

Marsti Houtek Edit

Main article: Marsti Houtek

Marsti Houtek is a burgundy-blooded troll with the Arittarius sign (The Astronaut, Derse sway, Void-bound).

Lanque Bombyx Edit


Lanque Bombyx is a jade-blooded troll with the Virsci sign (The Alchemist, Prospit sway, Life-bound).

  • still has a livechurnal
  • fang game on point
  • and of course, he craves eternal life.

He is the first known male jade-blooded troll, the only Troll with Life Aspect in Hiveswap, as well as the first confirmed trans man  character. His last name is derived from Bombyx mori, the scientific name for silkworms, meaning 'silk' in itself. His first name could be derived from the word "langue" ("language" in French), or from the word "calanque", a cove or inlet on the Mediterranean coast of France. In Wanshi's route, she says that "I only have one friend to play with here, and he usually pretends he's too cool". given that she had never left the Brooding Caverns before her route, it was likely she was referring to Lanque.

Remele Namaaq Edit

Main article: Remele Namaaq

Remele Namaaq is a cerulean-blooded troll with the Scorgo sign (The Crusader, Prospit sway, Space-bound).

  • pirating your fics
  • headcanons at the ready
  • she takes your shit and makes it better

Gallery Edit



  • Up until week 5, there were uniform couples in regards to Lunar Sway (Prospit and Prospit or Derse and Derse). Diemen and Skylla broke this pattern.
    • Up until week 10, there were mixed couples in regards to Lunar Sway (Prospit and Derse or Derse and Prospit). Elwurd and Galekh broke this pattern.
    • This pattern was interceded by Vikare and Boldir, who were also a mixed couple in regards to Lunar Sway (Vikare having a sign with a Derse sway and Boldir having a sign with a Prospit sway). Cirava and Tagora brought the uniform couple pattern back subsequently.
  • Wanshi and Bronya, being a Doom/Breath couple, mirror Barzum and Baizli, who were also a Doom/Breath couple. Wanshi and Bronya were introduced together with another troll of their blood color, as were Barzum and Baizli.


  • Mallek and Nihkee both had the same color card for their introduction despite Mallek being a ceruleanblood and Nihkee being an indigoblood. A distinct color for cerulean-bloods and indigos was later introduced. Mallek's card was confirmed as an error.
  • Stelsa also has a darker shade on their card than the other teal-bloods
    • Boldir's card has a lighter shade compared to other olive-bloods. Boldir also has horns with a darker shade of red than other trolls.
      • However, it's likely these are just errors, especially considering Boldir bled olive blood in her Friendsim route.
  • Konyyl and Azdaja's cards are fused together, making their cards into the only gradient card.
    • Their card also uses a brighter shade of yellow/olive compared to the other trolls of the same blood color.
  • The card for Kuprum and Folykl seemed to follow suit with the Captors' duality theme in many ways, most notably that unlike the other trolls having three bullet points each, they only had two.
  • The only troll with one bullet point is Karako Pierot.
  • All of the gold-bloods in the Troll Call have taller inner horns, while the Captors all have taller outer horns.
  • All other jade-blooded trolls in the Troll Call/Homestuck have two different shaped horns, but Lanque's horns are the same shape.
    • Likewise, all the other gold-bloods have four horns (two on each side) while Azdaja has only three horns.
  • Lanque is the only troll with their real name to show up on the unconfirmed troll call leaks.
  • Lanque's card has only one bordering rectangle in the bullet point area, unlike the normal two.
  • Remele's card is the only female cerulean-blood troll card that doesn't mention Vriska.


  • Marsti's sign was missing in unconfirmed leaks until the Troll Call updates on March 7, 2018.
    • Her sign is missing on the Troll Call tracker.
  • On February 14th, Fozzer's image in the tracker was changed to the old leaked one, where he's smiling with no shovel. It was changed back on February 21st.


  • Zebede and Folykl are the only gold-bloods who don't have two differently colored eyes.
    • This is because Zebede doesn't have psionic powers, and Folykl has Voidrot.
  • Elwurd is the only troll whose name is currently only partially known. The introduction of the then-unnamed Karako produced the second troll with an unknown name, but his name was entirely unknown as opposed to Elwurd, who is merely missing her first name.
  • Ardata and Marvus are the only characters whose signs are currently unknown.
    • Marvus is the only troll to wear a sign that was not his.

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