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Trizza Tethis model

Trizza Tethis is a fuchsia blood troll and heiress to the Alternian throne under the Condesce as empress and will feature in the upcoming video game Hiveswap. She has been described as the "2nd best at memes."

Her role in the game thus far has been described as "ruthless teenage Heiress who decrees that everyone must laugh at her jokes, or suffer the consequences."

Due to her blood, Gl'bgolyb presumably serves as her lusus, and her sign is different from Feferi and the Condesce's.


Trizza was hatched sometime after the Summoner's uprising, and as such she lives during a period where Alternia is only populated by children. At some point she became the leader of an oppressive regime which she used to enforce the rule that all must laugh at her jokes.

When she came of age she likely became one of many in a long line of heiressesSburb Logo to be killed by the current empress, the Condesce.


  • Her hair in the original concept art resembles Eridan Ampora's, and her horns resemble Feferi, Meenah and the Condesce's. She also uses 2x3dentkind, just like other heiresses to the throne and the Condesce herself.
  • Her first name, Trizza is a plait or a braid in both Sicilian and Maltese languages. This is possibly a reference to Meenah's hair, or maybe her own hair. Her last name is likely derived from Tethys, a greek Titaness of the sea. Saturn also has a moon named Tethys.
  • Tethys is the name of a sea Troll appearing in the first Discworld novel, The Colour of Magic. Tethys is also the name of an ocean, which matches up with her fish like appearance.

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