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The Sufferer in his shackles, delivering the Vast Expletive at his execution.

The Vast Expletive is The Signless/Sufferer's final sermon before his execution by E%ecutor Darkleer. The pure, unadulterated hatred he felt during this sermon lives on in Karkat. It is said to be the only time the Sufferer ever felt anger.


The exact words of the Vast Expletive are unknown, however, the most fan accepted version, written by jbriner on tumblr, reads thus: “I have been peaceful, I have been kind. I only dared to speak what others have been dreaming for so long. I had dreams too, dreams of what might have been. Where blood was simply blood, and all of us were equal. If wishing for that is heresy then yes, I deserve to die. I’ve seen acts of sublime kindness, and the most vile cruelty. They say powerful beings find anger, when they have no room for love. What made you so? Are you so scared of change? Of those who are different? I realize I am different from you. I have known feelings that none of you could ever hope to know. I have known the comradery of a friend who supported me against all odds. I have known the compassion of a guardian who took in when no others would and raised me to dream and hope. I have known the love and passion that transcends in definition. There’s no use hiding it now, you all can see me for what I am. The Signless, the Sufferer, the mutant. My blood burns brightly for all to see, it is the flame of a revolution that you can never hope to quell. My memory can be erased, but my ideals will never die. My mistake was believing I could change a world infected with hate and corruption. You’ve taken the freedom of an innocent troll and turned his blessings into a curse. The pity you’ve taken on my Disciple will wound her, she has known true love and you forced her into a life of solitude! You’ve forced a mother to watch her own son die! I see you for what you are and always fucking have. I thought I could fucking change you! Fuck me for being a fucking fool! Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuck! Fuck… I am angry. Because I forgive you. I may be the biggest fucking fool on Alternia, but when I close my eyes I see a world where we all work together. And it is so. Fucking. Beautiful.”

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