Alternate ending?Edit

According to this edit (including my clean-up of the edit) at some point the link to the horse winning was removed and replaced with a link to the start before being reverted. However I would assume that it is much more likely that when Hussie was in the middle of implementing the ending some glitch happened which caused it to link the beginning instead of the ending which was later fixed. Or that on the ending after it asks if you want to play again he linked back to the beginning before removing that. I find the second one more likely since the story was already rebooted and being played a second time a link to the beginning might have confused people into thinking that Jailbreak was in a 3rd playthrough.

My point is that while I can believe the oruboros-esque thing happened, I am doubting that the anon got the details correct (assuming it did happen). Does anyone know anything about this to help clarify the situation? The Light6 13:49, July 18, 2012 (UTC)

Original nameEdit

In my archive trawling I found something that I figure should be mentioned here, that this adventure was not always called Jailbreak, but rather Escape from Jail Island (source). Now before someone points out the obvious fact the actual thread for the adventure which has Jailbreak in the title, that was not originally there, it was edited in at a later date. Unfortunately the Wayback Machine is limited to 2007 on the MSPA part of the Gangbunch Fora (and none of the threads were archived) and archives of the thread on the current forum don't start until 2012 (there are no archives of the thread during the period of time the MSPA forum was part of the MSPA site as opposed to the separate site it is currently on), so we can't say when the change happened, however we know it did, which is the point. - The Light6 (talk) 07:21, June 24, 2014 (UTC)

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