Strife Technique: Sweet Catch
Sweet Catch

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Description (Battle Technique)

Run along the wall, nabbing an item that was just launched out of your Sylladex, causing the next item in your Sylladex to jettison out at breakneck speed.

Description (Server Player Technique)

Use your awesome reflexes to catch something flying at high speed, be it an important item or your client player.



Used By:

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Sweet Catch is a technique that John Egbert used after weaponizing his Sylladex against a shale imp, due to his inability to make a successful attack with his normal weapon, a Sledgehammer. After picking his cruxite totem back up, John's PDA was expelled from his sylladex. Though the imp effortlessly blocked it with the bunny, John ran back and caught the PDA in mid-air, expelling the sledgehammer head and catching the shale imp off guard, taking out the remaining half of the imp's health and defeating it.

Rose has shown the ability to perform Sweet Catches too, when she saved John's PDA from falling into the void of The Medium. Much later, Jade also demonstrated this ability, catching the White Queen's Ring after pummeling it out of the Courtyard Droll.

Nannasprite is able to perform this feat too, saving John Egbert from a cake attack that she perpetrated herself.

God Cat also exhibits the ability to perform the Sweet Catch, as shown when Jane is saved from her computer's explosion by the crafty feline.

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