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Stairs are a contiguous set of steps connecting two floors.

Stairs appear overtly in Problem Sleuth and Homestuck. They may also be in Bard Quest, as the bard jumps out of a second story window to escape the codsmith. This hints at the presence of stairs, though this may also indicate a ladder instead.

In Homestuck, stairs are an in-game meme thanks to Dave and his comic. In SBaHJ #1, Sweet Bro falls down a flight of stairs. Hella Jeff had previously told Sweet Bro about the stairs, but it nonetheless keeps happening.

"I warned you about stairs, bro!!!! I told you dog! I told you man! I told you about stairs"
— Hella Jeff

Doc Scratch also makes a reference to this, claiming he told Rose not to look into the ball: I told her about stares. [8^y]Sburb Logo


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