“I warned you about stairs, bro!!!! I told you dog! I told you man! I told you about stairs”
— Hella Jeff

Stairs are a contiguous set of steps connecting two floors.

Stairs appear overtly in Problem Sleuth and Homestuck. They may also be in Bard Quest, as the bard jumps out of a second story window to escape the codsmith. This hints at the presence of stairs, though this may also indicate a ladder instead.

In Homestuck, stairs are an in-game meme thanks to Dave and his comic. In SBaHJ #1, Sweet Bro falls down a flight of stairs. Hella Jeff had previously told Sweet Bro about the stairs, but it nonetheless keeps happening.



Sweet Bro tumbling down stairs.

  • Doc Scratch also makes a reference to this, claiming he told Rose not to look into the ball: I told her about stares. [8^y]Sburb Logo
  • Equius warned Tavros about the stairs when he was getting used to his new legs : FCT: D --> I'm quite sure I warned you about attempting to navigate stairs while adjusting to the new equipmentSburb Logo
  • Consequently, it is one of the few Homestuck memes that have been referenced in other media. For example, in the internet game Stealing the Diamond, choosing to walk down the stairs results in falling, with a prompt of "I TOLD you bro, I TOLD you about stairs."
    • In the same event, you earn an achievement called "BUNP" with an accompanying image of a stick man with the classical :^y face.