Special Stardust is a substance used prominently in Gamzee's religion as part of prayer ritualsSburb Logo. Vriska also used it onSburb Logo Tavros as mock fairy dust as part of a Pupa Pan reenactment. Terezi also smells someSburb Logo left behind by god tier Vriska, implying that all troll god tiers leave behind this stardust.

It is also consumed by cherubsSburb Logo and as such is found in Calliope and Caliborn's room. Caliborn was given a game cartridge by Andrew Hussie, and therefore (being the destructive brat that he is, and being jealous of Hussie for being the better artist) used Special Stardust in combination with some DELICIOUS FALSE TEETHSburb Logo to attempt to wreck the chip, with moderate success.

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