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Dr. Blinkbottom, Twinkly Herbert

Typing Style

Morse Code.


Wayward Vagabond - Best friend Peregrine Mendicant - Friend Roxy Lalonde - Current companion

Live(s) in

LOWAS, Earth

Serenity is a firefly that was formerly encased in a lump of amber in the Skyship Base. Her namesake is the firefly-class spaceship Serenity from the TV series Firefly (and the followup movie Serenity). Since Serenity is a Firefly-class ship, Serenity is quite literally named after a firefly.

The Wayward Vagabond upon discovering and exploring the Skyship Base found the insect still alive and glowing in the amber, the Vagabond decides to use her to bring the light of democracy to Can Town. Later, the Vagabond releases her through use of the Appearifier and decides to name her something whimsical. The Vagabond actually has no idea if Serenity is a boy or a girl, or even if fireflies can be girls, but assumes the latter nonetheless.

She is intelligent enough to know that a countdown is rarely a good thing. She communicates via Morse code blinking her luminous rear end, and understands the passage of time. Her face seems to be stuck in the "blank stare" most of the time, which is used by many characters in MS Paint Adventures as well as the logo for the site.

A firefly that may have been Serenity appears in a lump of amber in the flash gameSburb Logo at the start of Act 4.

In Cascade Serenity followed the fully prototyped Peregrine Mendicant to the trolls' Incipisphere with WV's almost dead body. Once Bec Noir had fled she begged PM to help save WV.Sburb Logo Unable to do anything herself, PM sent WVSburb Logo to the trolls' meteor with Serenity in tow.

In Act 6 Act 3, after many characters met up in a dream bubble, Serenity landed on Dream Roxy's head. Later Dream Dirk flung Dream Roxy out of the bubble, Serenity departed with Dream Roxy. Together they arrived at post-scratch Derse where they were picked up by Dirk and taken back to post-scratch Earth via the Lotus Time Capsule. Serenity then joined the B2 kids as they all entered their session.

After they had entered Roxy renamed the fireflySburb Logo "doctor blinkbottom", and then "twinkly herbert", while also referring to it as being male, repeating an ongoing gag of animals being renamed and having their genders switched.

During Act 6 Act 5 Act 1, when Roxy falls asleep, Calliope appears in her dream in the disguise of Twinkly Herbert. Roxy is able to understand her Morse code messages while asleep.


  • WV: Appearify the grate over the entrance to the facility.Sburb Logo: "Let's go!!!"
  • ==>Sburb Logo: "Yay!!!"
  • ==>Sburb Logo: "Oh my"
  • ==>Sburb Logo: "Oh no!!!"
  • ==>Sburb Logo: "Help! My friend is stuck inside the big can, inside a small house he built! You must hurry, he is not very bright and he doesn't understand it when I blink! Are you watching me? Oh no, don't blink me you don't understand blinking either!!! How do you people even exchange ideas without luminous rear ends!!!!!!"
  • WV: Dream.Sburb Logo: "What a daring dream,"
    • ==>Sburb Logo: "to combine the finest qualities of humanity with the elegance and nobility of the animal kingdom."
    • ==>Sburb Logo: "How you wish you could know their world."
    • ==>Sburb Logo: "To hear one night those muted pawpads traipse up your stairs."
    • ==>Sburb Logo: "A low but friendly growl unsettles your slumber,"
    • ==>Sburb Logo: "And as the sopor seeps from your eyes"
    • ==>Sburb Logo: "They detect a sharp pair of ears cutting moonlight."
    • ==>Sburb Logo: "A mysterious wolven tongue invites."
    • ==>Sburb Logo: "Wouldn't these ears suit you?"
    • ==>Sburb Logo: "Would not this proud long snout assist you in the hunt?" (Callback to thisSburb Logo)
    • ==>Sburb Logo: "Hey you!!!!!!!! Just what do you think you're planning on doing with that ring?"
    • ==>Sburb Logo: "Whatever it is, forget it. The slayer is miiiiiiiine. ::::)"
    • ==>Sburb Logo: "Now w8ke up!"
    • ==>Sburb Logo: "I said W88888888KE!"
  • [A6I1] ==>Sburb Logo: "You suck!!!"
  • [A6I1] ==>Sburb Logo: "Coward!"
  • [A6I1] ==>Sburb Logo: "Please…"
  • [A6I1] ==>Sburb Logo: "Help him!!!"
  • [A6I1] ==>Sburb Logo: "You there, miss! Please save my friend!"
  • Roxy: Say hello.Sburb Logo:
    • "SHHHHH!!!"
    • "thank yoU!"
    • "the short answer is, yoU are having a dream"
  • ==>Sburb Logo:
    • "there will be plenty of time to talk soon, bUt let's please keep a low profile for now"
    • "u~u"
    • "so my brother doesn't hear Us"
    • "yes"
    • "he is passing nearby while doing damage to the fUrthest ring"
    • "he is following a large party of ghosts, in hopes that they will lead him to me"
    • "his intent is to destroy my soUl u_u"
    • "yoU are very sweet. i missed yoU, roxy."
    • "bUt there is not mUch yoU can do at the moment, other than remain discreet."
    • "let's continUe this elsewhere. follow me!"
  • Roxy: Exit room.Sburb Logo:
    • "no"
    • "bUt let's keep going"
    • "it appears to be the oUtfit of a fashionable science woman?"
  • ==>Sburb Logo:
    • "Um"
    • ":U"
    • "yes, bUt we have to go!"
  • Roxy: Continue. Sburb Logo:
    • "then hUrry up!"
  • ==>Sburb Logo:
    • "this way!"
  • ==>Sburb Logo:
    • "remember, yoU're only dreaming"
    • "all that yoU see is coming from yoUr memories and subconscioUs"
    • "shhhhh!"
  • ==>Sburb Logo:
    • "throUgh here"
    • "we will have more privacy here"
    • "not exactly"



  • Roxy naming Serenity "Twinkly Herbert" is a reference to Wizardy Herbert.
  • Serenity can be seen alongside WV on the "King of Pentacles" card in the Homestuck Tarot card deck.