A Sendificator is a matter transporter device, first seen in a room in the Helipod Base. It teleports an object from the platform near it to another point in space and time.

The Skyship Base has a similar device with a different symbol and the opposite function: the Appearifier.

A Transmaterializer can be used as both an Appearifier and a Sendificator.

Function Edit

Any object located on the Sendificator's platform is transported to a user-specified location in space and time.

Limitations Edit

It is unknown if the device has volume, mass, or temporal limitations. A object that will not fit between the emitter and the platform likely cannot be sendificated. It cannot "desendify" objects and you should feel bad for even thinking such idiotic thoughts. This means that a user cannot teleport objects to the Sendificator; rather, you need a functional Appearifier to do this.

The source of the Sendificator's power is unknown, but potentially Uranium. It is also unknown what would happen if an object were 'sendificated' to a location already occupied by something else.

Usage in HomestuckEdit

After the Parcel Mistress receives the blue package from the Wayward Vagabond, she sendificates it to Jade Harley on one of her birthdays as a child. The package, of course, was originally delivered to Jade on her 13th birthday and then accidentally appearified by the Wayward Vagabond in 2422 using the Appearifier in the Skyship Base, so in a roundabout way, Jade sent the package to her past self.

Dirk Strider has his own Crockercorp sendificator that he keeps in his room. It allows him to sendificate anything he wants assuming it's temporally allowed and can fit inside the microwave looking machine. He sendificated Jake English's brobot piece by piece. He later sendificated Jake his own head, entirely on purpose.

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