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Scalemates are dragon plush dolls, most commonly associated with Terezi Pyrope. She often enjoys hanging them. It is possible that the word scalemate is a portmanteau of palemateSburb Logo another way of saying Moirallegiance and the scales of a dragon. It could also refer to the term stalemate (either used legally or as in chess) and/or the scales of justice.

Senator LemonsnoutEdit


Senator Lemonsnout is a yellow scalemate used by Terezi in FLARPing sessions.

Lemonsnout is a corrupt scumbag who attempted to steal from the imperial beetle coffers. He tried to escape justice by assassinating the prosecution's key witnessSburb Logo, an unnamed green scalemate. However, his trial met an abrupt end when he dropped a bag of illicit, embezzled beetles in front of the courtblock, at which point the prosecution requested a short recess so all law-abiding citizens could go outside and puke. He was hanged by Terezi.

His son was later found hiding in the trolls' Ectobiology Lab, with a scent of deceit and lies as dense as his father's.

Other scalematesEdit

Several other scalemates have appeared in the story, though none of them as important or revolting as Lemonsnout. Their names are:

  • Professor Pucefoot (pink with turquoise eyes, part of Terezi's forensics team)
  • Inspector Berrybreath (blue with pink eyes, part of Terezi's forensics team)
  • Doctor Honeytongue (honey golden with red eyes, part of Terezi's forensics team)
  • Duke Pinesnort (light blue with pink eyes, he and his family were executed for his treachery)
  • Pyralspite Plush, once dubbed Chief Deputy PyralspiteSburb Logo (white with red eyes, Terezi's sidekick from FLARPing days)
  • Liaison Pumpkinsnuffle (orange with green eyes, a key witness in one of Terezi's cases who was assassinated by Lemonsnout)

Paradox Space onlyEdit

  • Officer Cinnamonwhiff PXS icon

Merchandise onlyEdit

  • Petty Officer Applescab

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