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Dirk Strider - Creator
Squarewave - Fellow rap bot


Negative Aperture ♫

Sawtooth is one of two rap-battling robots built by Dirk Strider. Dirk has never beaten him in a rap battle. Like Squarewave, his name comes from a kind of waveform. The mouths and hands of both Sawtooth and Squarewave are reminiscent of the shapes of their namesake waves.

Prior to his first appearance, pictures of him appear on a screen in Dirk's room in the Flash [S] RAP OFF!!!!!!!!!!Sburb Logo. Even further back, a poster of him and Squarewave can be seen in Dave's room. He looks kind of like he's Squarewave's chill older bro.

He later appearsSburb Logo when Dirk is fighting the Imperial Drones on his rooftop. It is shownSburb Logo that underneath his hooded cape, he keeps two rocket launchers. He then meets up with Squarewave on the roof.

When the Red Miles attacks Earth and kills Roxy, Dirk flies to her house and brings Squarewave with him. Sawtooth is left behind to begin the entry process so Dirk's house can enter the Medium.

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