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Salted melons are strange kinds of melons cultivated exclusively by Weasels. They are lusted after by Hogs, who wish to grow them, but lack the proper terrain. On the FAQ Problem Sleuth checks, it is shown that there are many places to locate the melons, such as under Nervous Broad's bed and behind the Speakeasy counter. Salted melons can be seen in detail on the Weasel King's desktop wallpaper.

It is quite curious as to why the Hogs felt the need to steal salted melons from the Weasels, due to the fact that the Hog Cleric is able to summon them using one of his spells.

If salted melons are stolen from the weasels, they will Flip the Fuck Out!

The melons also played a role in the Hippotech Lvl 3: The HungerMspa icon technique executed in the afterlife by several of its residents.

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