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Your name is Ryan North.

Ryanquest is a completely legitimate and in no way sarcastic or silly adventure starring Ryan North and Andrew Hussie, inspired by a comment North made on Dinosaur Comics. It is indisputably Andrew Hussie's magnum opus.

Ryanquest can be read hereRyanquest Logo.

Numerical data about Ryanquest are maintained here.


  • AH spies on Ryan, and records his tears. The day-to-day crying index forms a distinct pattern.
  • Ryan leaves his computer in an attempt to stay cool and dons his Hussie shirt and pink Batman cape.
  • He then peruses his Neighbourhood Map, which contains the directions to all the lawns with the best sleepin's. He decides on a good-looking lawn.
  • Ryan reaches the lawn, but is suddenly surprised by a Wild Resident staring out of the window! He prepares to engage in battle.
  • The Resident, however, does not wish to fight, and instead deposits a Hot Meal on the doorstep. This act of surrender makes Ryan feel a bit annoyed.
  • Ryan tucks into the hot meal, making his vitals soar. The adventure ends on this happy note.


  • The short comic The Vigil PrinceMspa icon also stars Ryan North and Andrew Hussie in an unusual situation.

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