For the pre-scratch version of this character, see Rose Lalonde.
Rose Lalonde

Roxy's Mom


Many suspected real life wytchkkrafts were involved, which is what some believed discouraged criminal investigation into the matter. The feds were afraid. And the Baroness, nervous. Sburb Logo
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Adult (deceased)

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Rose Lalonde - Pre-scratch self
Roxy Lalonde - Descendant, "Daughter", genetic mother
Dirk Strider - Genetic father
Bro - Rebellion partner-in-crime, genetic brother
Dave Strider - Genetic brother
Frigglish - Pet

Live(s) in

Roxy's house (Rainbow Falls, New York)

Rose Lalonde is the adoptive mother of Roxy Lalonde, the post-scratch version of Rose Lalonde, and the ectobiological daughter of Roxy Lalonde and Dirk Strider.


Rose is a highly successful author, having published the bestseller "Complacency of the Learned", a story which her pre-scratch self also happened to have written. She is Roxy's ancestor, and Roxy views her ancestor as a parental figure, which is why Roxy addresses her as "mom", much like how Dirk sees and looks up to his ancestor like an older brother. Knowing that Roxy would exist sometime in the future, Rose prepared her home to be ready for Roxy's arrival and filled it with supplies for her.

Rose is deadSburb Logo in Dirk and Roxy's time, as is Dave. She was killed by the Condesce herself after opposing her rule together with Dave, an argument Roxy uses against playing Sburb. However, in Jake and Jane's time in 2011, Rose and Dave are both aliveSburb Logo. The first conversation further suggests that Roxy's primary interest in Sburb was the possibility of resurrecting them. This mirrors Rose's interest in using the game to resurrect Jaspers.

It should be noted that she is described by Roxy as having possession of "Vision Omnifold", like a Seer, a direct parallel to the class of her pre-scratch self. This is similar to the Sufferer retaining Kankri's Seer of Blood abilities. Aside from her apparent retention of Seer abilities from her pre-Scratch self, she may also have "wytchkkraft" powers. In a conversation with Calliope, Roxy said that her Mom frequently blacks out in pictures taken by the paparazzi. This might be related to pre-Scratch Rose's blackout when she went grimdark.

It is revealed by Dirk that Rose took on the High Chaplain of Interstellar War, Guy Fieri, one on one, and delivered some retribution for the Hilarocaust and the deaths of nearly five billion people he caused by stabbing him in the eyes with her knitting needles and riding his body off a massive waterfall of blood, mirroring pre-scratch Rose's attack on an Ogre.