Remote Ghost Gauntlets

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Ghost Gauntlet

The Remote Ghost Gauntlets are a pair of gloves that augment John's ability to carry objects. Each Gauntlet is itself a set of two gloves, a gray computer-glove that John wears, and a blue and slimy replica that mimics the movements of the gray glove. Not only does this enable John to grab objects out of arm's reach, but they act with proportionally increased strength, as the blue glove is able to wield the Telescopic Sassacrusher. The right-handed Gauntlet is created by combining one of the Fake Arms, the blue slime on his wall, and the PDA. The left-handed one is created by combining the right-handed Gauntlet with the bathroom mirror. Each comes at an expense of 32 Build grist and 128 Tar.

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