Recuperacoon karkat

A recuperacoon is the troll equivalent of a bed. It is a large cocoon filled with Sopor Slime, a substance that trolls submerge in each time they choose to rest. The relaxing properties of the contained slime apparently help quell the darker thoughts that plague the troll species. They also help speed up the healing process of burns and minor injuries (Source: Friendsim: Volume 3 ) Recuperacoons appear to come in many sizes, shapes, and colors.

  • Tavros's recuperacoonSburb Logo is large and pyramid-shaped, with a small opening at the top. His disability forces him to enter it through a ramp. His horns often prevent him from fitting into the hole, to his constant chagrin.
  • Sollux's recuperacoonSburb Logo has two openings on its top, and is shaped like a human heart. Each half contains a different colored sopor slime: Red and Blue, respectively. Why the Sopor slime in this one is different from all others is unknown, other than to fit in with Sollux's Bifurcation theme.
  • Karkat's recuperacoon is a generic purple bed-looking thing with small holes on the side. The reasons why sopor slime does not leak out are unknown, as the viscosity of the fluid is not divulged. (Though it is possible there is just glass there.)
  • Kanaya's recuperacoonSburb Logo is the most cocoon-like, it hangs from the ceiling and has only one opening.
  • Gamzee's recuperacoonSburb Logo is red and resembles a beehive. The sopor slime is leaking onto the floor, because he scoops it out to make it into his pies.
  • It is unknown if Terezi has a recuperacoon, but she does appear to sleep in some sort of slimeSburb Logo.

No other troll's Recuperacoon is shown so the designs of such are not known.