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The Rambunctious Crow is an extremely impolite bird that flies into Dave's room and attempts to steal his copy of the Sburb Beta. It meets its untimely end when Dave accidentally skewers it with a ninja sword, sending it, the sword, and his copy of the Beta out his window and on to a lower rooftop. Jade eventually prototypesSburb Logo Dave's Kernelsprite with the crow while she is asleep.

It appears the crow is one of many that live in Dave's city, as they watch Dave's battle with his Bro on the rooftop. Later, several rambunctious crows fly in through Dave's window and distract him while he tries to help Rose recover her Cruxite Bottle. This forces her to jump down a waterfall to retrieve it.

Having chest pierced by a sword is (just like missing eyes and arms) a recurring motif in Homestuck.

Dave refers to the bird as a "brainless feathery asshole". Davesprite has once referred to it as "Seppucrow," a pun on seppuku.

The name "Rambunctious Crow" is likely a reference to the "Spiteful Crow" in Earthbound, an early-game enemy with a frustrating penchant for stealing players' items. It also may reference the tome in the Prospit library.

The crow was probably female, as those are the ones to incubate eggs like Crowsprite did with Dave's cruxite egg.