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John's House (Chimney) A QUEST OF FUTILITY THEN.
This page may not be done in a while - or ever, until the game that this page is related to has been beaten.

Please keep coming back to and updating it.

Prongle preview

Cridea Jeevik's profile on Prongle.

Prongle is an Alternian social network, and has been described as "Facebook with a touch of Twitter and a sprinkle of Tumblr." In Hiveswap it appears that you can communicate through it with "Fronds" and "Anemones". It appears to function more or less the same as Twitter, with hashtags and short posts, but alongside sharing, users can "like" or "hate" tweets, with heart and spade symbols respectively, as opposed to favoriting them. Prongle will be used to communicate with the various NPC trolls in the game - which ones you keep in touch with and how you interact with them will affect the story.

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