Professor Wasp, or "Probability Theory Wasp Professor" is seen in Problem Sleuth extra number 23 and was made for John. He is non canon, and is the dark counterpart of Honeybee Professor. He secretly causes the 50,090,870,753,280-sided die of PFPI's Catenative Doomsday Dice Cascader (with loathsome POPAMATIC BUBBLE TECHNOLOGYMspa icon) to roll a 1 during his attempt to destroy the Midnight Crew. Professor Wasp then takes a healthy swallow of his own medicine, boosting his MEDDLING LEVEL. He then makes a number of highly improbable appearances throughout canonical story events and starts messing things up.

Changes Edit

  1. Professor Wasp replaces the dislodged Oboe with ten bassoons.
  2. Professor Wasp makes off with the RICHES stored in the Owen Wilson bust, and then gives Ben Stiller some sweet new shades.
  3. He steals a Salted melon from the Weasels who all promptly start flipping the fuck out. He then sticks it on top of the hatch in the control room, crushing it.
  4. Rips a hole in Death's Tome of Wayfaring Souls and then dresses him in a Bodice, the Hull of the Flagship, Blonde Wig, Sombrero, and Makeup. He also gives him an Oboe and an Ace Dick.

The Midnight Crew, having enough of his meddlesome antics, takes matters into their own hands and finishes him.

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