Virgo Symbol
Porrim Maryam
Space Outline

Porrim sprite

Porrim talksprite

Porrim Drinker

Homosuck Porrim


We'll get yo+u all caught up o+n exactly who+'s been seen passing thro+ugh the well greased revo+lving do+o+rs to+ my quadrants. Sburb Logo
Introduction PageSburb Logo First AppearanceSburb Logo


Maid of Space


9 solar sweeps/19 earth years [1]

Typing Style

Adds a plus sign after each lower case "o" to resemble a venus sign (♀). Replaces the word "plus" with an actual plus sign.


The Dolorosa - Post-scratch self
Kanaya Maryam - Dancestor
Aranea Serket - Matesprit(?) (separated)


Land of ??? and Frogs (?)


Jade Mother ♫
Darling DolorosaMspa icon (to be released)

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