For the pre-scratch version of this character, see John Egbert.
Not to be confused with Grandpa.
John Crocker

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A real kindly old cornball. A nicer guy you couldn't hope to meet, they say. Sburb Logo
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Johnny Stone (character he played on Night Court)


86. Birthdate is 1910 (likely April 13). Deathdate is April 13, 1996.


John Egbert - Pre-Scratch Self
Jane Crocker - Adoptive Granddaughter, Genetic Mother
Nanna - Genetic Mother
Jake English/Grandpa - Genetic Father
Dad - Son
Colonel Sassacre - Adoptive Grandfather
Betty Crocker - Adoptive Grandmother
Grandma - Adoptive and Genetic Sister (deceased)
Jade Harley - Genetic sister

John Crocker, more commonly known as Poppop, is the post-scratch version of John Egbert and is Jane Crocker's Grandfather. A copy of Colonel Sassacre's is brought with him during the Reckoning, Jane later readsSburb Logo the note in the book which Jane believes was for her grandfather.

Biography Edit

His role is similar to that of Nanna in the pre-scratch universe. He grew up with his sister Jade as the adoptive grandchildren of Betty Crocker and Colonel Sassacre. When his sister ran away he stayed behind with Betty and, despite her wicked upbringing, became a kind man and eventually followed Sassacre's footsteps and became a famous comedian. According to Jane, he could even be considered legendary, and played many comedic roles, including the role of Judge Harry Stone in Night Court, replacing real-world actor Harry Anderson.

His life ended at the age of 86 in an incident involving a tall shelf, a ladder, and a mysterious young woman in a suspicious hat, on the same day Jane was born. In accordance with the family tradition, John is stuffed and mounted in front of the fireplace in Jane's house. After some bunny shenanigans he ends up missing an arm and his eye is slashed, just like the harlequin doll John prototyped. This furthered assumptions that he would become Jane's sprite in a direct parallel to John's Nannasprite.

At the end of Act 6 Act 2, Dirk's AR did indeed attempt to prototype Jane's Kernelsprite with Poppop, however GCat appeared and warped him into Earth's orbit, leaving Poppop floating through space without him being prototyped. This is a direct reference to Jade's entry process.Sburb Logo



  • Poppop's inheritance of the Betty Crocker empire may reference John's role as an Heir.
  • Poppop's loss of an arm and scratched eye may be a reference to the appearance of the Harlequin doll that John used as a prototype.