You haven't renamed this article yet? You've got
to fucking rename it. When article facts change
they get new names. Fact.
It has been proposed that this article be renamed to Fandom:Pesterchum 6.0.
Feel free to discuss this proposal on the talk page. is a fan made website dedicated to roleplay or talking to other fans.Other fandoms made their way to the website so its not only homestuck role players online.The website usually as an average of 30-70 people online.

To role play with someone just ask or start it off.Not everyone would want to role play it is also ok to just talk and make friends with people online.please note there are not only homestuck role players. Examples include,creepypsta,undertale,OC's from other fandoms,and Ect. Reacently the website been blowing up and having more people than usual.


1)if given proof and valid reason,if you are being harassed report it to any one of the Op's(people with stars next to their names)they will make sure it comes to an end

2)harassment is not allowed and if taken to far will be reported and may end with perma banned.

3)no sexual usernames,warnings will be given and username must be changed.smut rp is allowed but no smut usernames.

features include:

/style (insert number) each number changes text color

/bold to make text into bold

/style nick (insert name change) to change user's name without restarting the page.

writing #(insert name of chat) will make a group chat people can join by sending it to other users

/away is to tell all the people the user is talking to that they are away at the moment.

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