A Perfectly Generic Object is a green cube made of a generic inert material. 2 Build Grist are required to create each unit.

They have very little discernible purpose and are the basic item an Alchemiter creates if provided with an uncarved Cruxite dowel as the guide. They could be used as cheap, expendable ammunition for Weaponizing one's Sylladex. It has been described as the most generic object there is.

John Egbert creates Perfectly Generic Objects when he is first learning to use the Alchemiter and other Sburb equipment. No more of them are seen until Roxy Lalonde accidentally materializes oneSburb Logo instead of the Matriorb . It is later shown that she has materialized many more Perfectly Generic Objects, even making a fort out of them.Sburb Logo She also later manages to materialize a combination of a Perfectly Generic Object and a MatriorbSburb Logo. In Collide, Roxy creates objects made of perfectly generic objects to use in her strife against The Condesce including a foot, drills, walls, fists, "a beautiful pony", and a house.


  • Starbound makes a reference to this, as the Perfectly Generic Item appears when you try to make something which doesn't exist, i.e. stealing the nothing out of nothing.
  • Its color is the same as Sburb beta.