The Authority Regulator writes a ticket.

Parking Citations are handed out to those who decide to break Dersite law and park in an illegal area. They appear to be purple pieces of paper, bearing the logo of Derse and the mark of a king.

The Authority Regulator places a ticket on the car of John's Dad with a fine of 10,000 Boondollars. He then confiscates all items in the car, seeing that they are "contraband". The Parcel Mistress takes the ticket into the main civic area of Derse, using it as an excuse to let her find AR and retrieve the packages from him. The Black Queen points PM in the direction of the Archagent to pay for it.

When the Parcel Mistress reaches the office a pile of parking citations are seen. She also sees the parcel she wants and decides to take it, but is caught in the act by Jack Noir who demands she processes the citation she is clutching properly. The Parcel Mistress denies all knowledge of the citation and claims it should just be on the desk with the others.

Jack Noir is later seen doodling rude, but strangely familiar, pictures of the Black Queen on a parking citation.

Possessing a citationEdit

A citation must first be notarized with a notary and once you have three copies of the citation, it should be punched.

After that, the citation should be handed to an Archagent, such as Jack Noir, with the amount of Boondollars written on the ticket, plus the fee that the Archagent collects from processing a cititation.

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