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A paradox ghost imprint is the result of attempting to appearify something from the past that could theoretically lead to a time paradox. To prevent the paradox, the Appearifier seems to have a safety mechanism that instead creates a green "gelatinous ghost" of the object. This substance is initially in the shape of the appearifier's target but quickly loses shape and collapses to the ground. There is one known use for these imprints: the genetic code of the target can be determined and used in the creation of a paradox cloneSburb Logo. The imprints can even be combined to create new codes and thus new beings.

Paradox Ghost Imprints CreatedEdit



The slime left behind after the imprint collapses.

  • Mom's imprintSburb Logo (used by John Egbert to create paradox clones of Mom/Roxy and combined with Bro's paradox ghost imprint to create Dave and Rose)
  • Bro's imprintSburb Logo (used by John to create paradox clones of Bro/Dirk and combined with Mom's paradox ghost imprint)
  • Grandpa's imprintSburb Logo (used by John to create paradox clones of Grandpa/Jake and combined with Nanna's paradox ghost imprint to create Jade and himself)
  • Nanna's imprintSburb Logo (used by John to create paradox clones of Nanna/Jane and combined with Grandpa's paradox ghost imprint)
  • Rose's imprintSburb Logo (currently stored in Roxy's Sylladex) Interestingly, she has Rose's physical scarf. This is in reference to the scarf abruptly not being worn anymore by Rose at some point in the earlier acts.



Aversion of ParadoxesEdit

It is not yet known what constitutes a paradoxical "removal" of an object, but it is theorized to be any object that has already been interacted with in the present timeline, such that removing it would change the past. The eight humans could not be appearified because if they had then they could not have been around to raise their children or to play the game. The rotten pumpkin had been eatenSburb Logo and Jaspers was about to tell Rose a secret.Sburb Logo Unless the Space player is dead set on capturing the frogs afterwards at the time, the frog itself is appearified rather than the paradox imprint.