Painting of a Horse Attacking a Football Player

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The Painting of a Horse Attacking a Football Player is an item alchemized by John Egbert by subtracting a Harlequin figure from a defaced Ghost Dad Poster at the cost of 425 Mercury Grist. This was an obvious reference to the $425 that Hussie had to spend to obtain the tangible painting. It can be seen later in the story when Andrew first self-inserts himselfSburb Logo hanging above his mantle.

The Real PaintingEdit

Hussie with Horse Attacking a Football Player

The real painting belongs to Andrew Hussie. After a long-standing obsession with the painting, Hussie eventually managed to purchase it for 425 dollars.


  • In episode 8 of Hussie's Star Trek: The Next Generation edits, "Fine Art", Data is responsible for the creation of this painting, as well as one of the paintings on the wall of Equius's hive.
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