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Each of the Homestuck Kids and the Trolls has a mythological role, as hinted at during various points of the Homestuck story. All titles appear to consist of two components - a Class and an Aspect. A title can be assembled from any combination of class and aspect - John in the kids' session is the Heir (Class) of Breath (Aspect), while in the Trolls' session Tavros is the Page (Class) of Breath (Aspect) and Equius is the Heir (Class) of Void (Aspect).

Aspects are a form of generalized "Elements", in that they are primal forces of reality. Classes describe mechanics and intended roles, "channeling" the Aspect into possible action and powers. Classes come in active(-)/passive(+) pairs, with the active employing or affecting his aspect directly and for his own gain, and the passive being affected by his aspect, and sharing his actions with the team.

Do note though, that literal interpretation of the aspect's/class' names is misleading, i.e. "Prince" actually means "Destroyer", and "Light" means "Fortune".

Heroes with different aspects can end up with very similar powers depending on their class. The Life and Doom aspects may be radically different, but depending on the class their powers may end up being similar.

Player abilities may also manifest in ways contrary to their aspect if they are heavily resistant to their true calling, or if an outside influence corrupts them. This happened to Rose Lalonde, and may have also occurred to other players in the Troll Session (as their entire society was corrupted by Doc Scratch and Lord English).

The term "HeroSburb Logo" can be used in lieu of the class when the speaker wishes to be generic, i.e.: John and Tavros are "Heroes of Breath". Both components of the title appear to have some mechanical effect on the game, depending on the class or element assigned. The Salamanders of the Land of Crypts and Helium ominously use the term "Noble" to refer to their Heroes, as Nobles suffer and become martyrs, instead of the way Heroes save people.

Sburb may design planets with the titles in mind. For the kids one part seems to come from their aspect, while the other comes from their Associated Classical Element, or a force actively opposing it (Dark clouds in John's case and Frost in Jade's case). The Troll's lands mostly relate to their interests, but some show a clear connection to their titles.

Doc Scratch implies that every session will have a Hero of Time, and if the breeding duties are indeed linked to the Hero of Space they would be a constant in the game. Calliope has confirmed that these two aspects are indeed the minimum requirement for every session.

On the scale of classes, there are at least two "rare classes" referred to as Master Classes. One such master class, the Muse, is one of the only two known classes, and even then there is no other relevant information other than that it is "the most passive class" and strictly for females. Its counterpart, Lord, is the male master class which has been stated to be the most active class.

It is entirely possible that the number of players in a given session will determine what titles the game can and will assign. It appears games with 4 or more eliminates the chance to receive master classes, which may serve the purpose of fulfilling multiple roles in under-populated games.

Character Titles and Related Data

The Kids

Name Title Planet / Denizen Powers and Role
John Heir of Breath Land of Wind and Shade
  • The Windy Thing, affinity with the Breeze
  • Supplied with items/challenges meant to aid his maturation
Breath Typheus
Rose Seer of Light Land of Light and Rain
  • Able to see into Magic Cue Balls
  • Complete knowledge of Fortune and the Most Fortuitous Path
  • Had her intended role corrupted by external influences for most of the session
Light Cetus
Dave Knight of Time Land of Heat and Clockwork
  • Time Shenanigans
  • Planet has Beat Mesa
  • Uses time as a weapon (Caledscratch, time-travel assisted self-cloning)
  • Can intuitively complete stable time loops
  • Assisting the Hero of Space with frog breeding (?)
Time Hephaestus
Jade Witch of Space Land of Frost and Frogs
Space Echidna
Jane Maid of Life Land of Crypts and Helium
  • Healing abilities, at least of wounds on self
Life Hemera
Jake Page of Hope
  • One who uses the raw power of Hope
  • Nearly powerless to start, but has an exponential growth of power later on
Hope Abraxas
Roxy Rogue of Void
  • Blacking out the entire session from external viewers
  • Going into dream bubbles through sleepwalking into the void on Derse
Void Nyx
Dirk Prince of Heart
  • "one who destroys heart/soul, or caUses destrUction throUgh heart/soul,"
  • Simultaneously conscious as both real and dream selves, with additional personalities as the Auto Responder and within Jake's dreamscape
Heart Yaldabaoth

The Trolls

Name Title Planet / Denizen Powers and Role
Aradia Maid of Time Land of Quartz and Melody
  • Time Shenanigans
  • Planet has the Beat Mesa equivalent
Time Presumably Hephaestus
Tavros Page of Breath Land of Sand and Zephyr
Breath Presumably Typheus
Sollux Mage of Doom Land of Brains and Fire
  • Prophetic visions involving utter ruin, failure, and death. (? theorized based on his screen name, his multiple deaths, and the similar fate of The Ψiioniic)
  • Doomed to die many times, and has overcome death on more than one occasion (thanks to double dreamselves and "half-ghost" form)
Karkat Knight of Blood Land of Pulse and Haze
  • Being able to form alliances, as in "blood brothers" (?) (Theorized due to relations with Spades Slick and Gamzee)
  • Assisting the Hero of Space with frog breeding (?)
  • Raising the dead as vampires/rainbow-drinkers. (Theorized)
Nepeta Rogue of Heart Land of Little Cubes and Tea
  • Theft of Heart/Soul, to the benefits of others.
Heart Presumably Yaldabaoth
Kanaya Sylph of Space Land of Rays and Frogs
Space Echidna
Terezi Seer of Mind Land of Thought and Flow
  • Skilled at manipulating others through mind games
  • Can literally envision the results of people's decisions as a sprawling path of alternative possibilities
  • Is able to sense the presence of and converse with Jake's mental projection of Dirk
Vriska Thief of Light Land of Maps and Treasure
  • Theft of luck for her own advantage/use
Light Cetus
Equius Heir of Void Land of Caves and Silence
Void Presumably Nyx
Gamzee Bard of Rage Land of Tents and Mirth
  • Augmented attack power and berserker rage (?)
  • "one who allows rage to be destroyed, or invites destruction through rage"
Eridan Prince of Hope Land of Wrath and Angels
  • Destruction of hope
  • Powerful blasts of holy white light energy (? Theorised based on the description of his class)
  • "one who destroys hope, or causes destruction through hope,"
Hope Presumably Abraxas
Feferi Witch of Life Land of Dew and Glass
  • Able to heal others' injuries
  • Longevity, able to extend lifespans (?, theorized based on the Condesce's abilities)
Life Presumably Hemera
Damara Witch of Time Land of ??? and ???
Time Presumably Hephaestus
?????? Nitram Rogue of Breath Land of ??? and ???
Breath Presumably Typheus
Mituna Heir of Doom Land of ??? and ???
Kankri Seer of Blood Land of ??? and ???
  • Post-scratch self able to see some of his pre-scratch life.
Meulin Mage of Heart Land of ??? and ???
Heart Presumably Yaldabaoth
Porrim Maid of Space Land of ??? and Frogs
Space Presumably Echidna
Latula Knight of Mind Land of ??? and ???
Aranea Sylph of Light Land of ??? and ???
  • Helping others see things, metaphorically and literally
Light Presumably Cetus
?????? Zahhak Page of Void Land of ??? and ???
Void Presumably Nyx
Kurloz Prince of Rage Land of ??? and ???
Cronus Bard of Hope Land of ??? and ???
Hope Presumably Abraxas
Meenah Thief of Life Land of ??? and ???
  • Theft of Life for her own benefit (?(Based on Calliope's description))
Life Presumably Hemera

The Cherubs

Name Title Planet / Denizen Powers and Role
Calliope Muse of Space Land of ??? and Frogs
Space Presumably Echidna
Caliborn Lord of Time Land of ??? and ???
  • Time Shenanigans
Time Presumably Hephaestus


  • In one of Karkat's memosSburb Logo, Kanaya speculates that Skaia assigns titles to players to challenge them, rather than to suit their strengths.
This would certainly explain some of the apparent inversions, such as Rose being the Seer of Light despite her fascination with darkness and horror, and Jade's title as the Witch of Space despite her life never leaving her small island. However, her theory should be taken with a grain of salt, considering the titles of a lot of the players match them perfectly.
  • It could be speculated that players are meant to "grow into" their roles; that is, when they first begin the session their title and its duties force them outside their comfort zone and seem very unsuited, but a fully realized Hero has matured into the role the game has assigned them.


  • According to Andrew Hussie, other characters have also assumed these titles, or otherwise will when they ascend to the God Tiers.
  • When John, Jade, and everyone on the meteor arrive in the Alpha Kids' session, their shared session will have one Hero for every listed aspect but Space (of which there are two: Jade and Kanaya) and Doom (of which there are none, since Sollux left with Aradia). This session will have all classes as well, except for Mage (again due to Sollux's departure) and technically Thief, but Tavrisprite is an unknown entity at this point.

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