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The Mysterious Countdown appears in Act 5 Act 2. Various events are marked against this clock, with 00:00 marking a Critical Moment. What the critical event was had been unknown during most of the countdown itself. Eventually, it was revealed to be the destruction of Bilious Slick (specifically, the one embodying the kids' home universe) through Jack Noir. The light from the Green Sun finally reaches the Trolls' Incipisphere after travelling through the Furthest Ring for unknown period of time.

The destruction of Billious Slick is circumstantially simultaneous to two other events, namely the death of Snowman at the hands of Spades Slick and the explosion of the tumor. Since both the countdown displayed on the tumor and the mysterious countdown start at 10:25 and reach 00:00 at a circumstantially simultaneous moment, it could be argued that the moment John finds the tumor and other moments in the kids' session may be circumstantially simultaneous to the respective events in the trolls' session that are listed on the mysterious countdown.

Events that are marked on the Mysterious Countdown are:

  • 10:25
    • Sburb Logo Jack Noir emerges from the platform and destroys the trolls' exit door. The trolls are transportalized by Aradiabot into an asteroid in The Veil.
  • 6:12
  • 5:12:30
    • Sburb Logo Karkat wakes up and orders everyone to not sleep anymore.
    • Sburb Logo The events of Alterniabound take place.
  • 4:13
    • Sburb Logo Rose blows up Eridan's computer.
    • Sburb Logo Aradiabot hugs Sollux and then self-destructs.
    • Sburb Logo Jack Noir attacks Derse and shows Dream Feferi and Dream Nepeta his stabs before destroying the planet, but is frozen in time for an indeterminate period by god tier Aradia (whose dream self was concealed within Derse's core).
  • Between 4:13 and 3:14
    • Sburb Logo Kanaya asks Karkat about the Green Sun. Since she herself has never heard of it before Rose mentioned it, she must have talked to Rose quite a bit.
  • 3:14
  • 2:42
    • Sburb Logo Tavros confronts Vriska with disastrous results, is killed...
    • Sburb Logo ...and falls near a mulling Terezi.
    • Sburb Logo Terezi loses her glasses while trying to revive Tavros. They're later used by Gamzee to keep scaring Karkat.
  • Between 2:42 and 0:00
    • Sburb Logo Gamzee sends a message to past Karkat while casually stalking the other trolls.
    • Sburb Logo Terezi comes back to the central asteroid hub, finding Feferi's corpse with strange puncture wounds. Kanaya is missing.
    • Sburb Logo Karkat drags Sollux to a safer position and contacts Equius for backup.
    • Sburb Logo Equius orders Nepeta to hide and goes to confront Gamzee. While sneaking through the vents, Nepeta finds someone has been playing artist with Tavros' blood and a jade-blooded creature with access to very sharp implements has been on the prowl.
    • Sburb Logo Equius cannot do it. He cannot bring himself to attack the purpleblood. He and Nepeta are killed.
    • Sburb Logo Sollux wakes up, blind. He pesters Terezi, but their conversation ends when Terezi is bitten by Kanaya.
    • Sburb Logo A showdown between Vriska, Gamzee, and Eridan is interrupted by Kanaya. Kanaya punches Vriska, kicks Gamzee off the edge of the platform and chainsaws Eridan in half, killing him.
    • Sburb Logo Terezi wakes up and sets out to confront Vriska. She finds a piece of Mindfang's journal stuck to the ground with Nepeta's claws, and walking forward to read it, falls through a trap door into the hidden room, in which Lil' Cal sits and Gamzee is flashstepping around.
    • Sburb Logo Fooled by Gamzee into believing Vriska is responsible for all the recent murders, she is led into confronting Vriska, who at the moment was pestering Rose (and possibly, through her, John). Terezi kills Vriska to prevent her from unwittingly leading Jack to the surviving trolls.
    • Sburb Logo Karkat, Kanaya and Sollux regroup and gather where Terezi is. Gamzee soon follows, now wielding the Warhammer of Zillyhoo. Karkat neutralizes Gamzee with calming shooshes and paps; in conversations after this point, Karkat is visibly distressed by the effort.
  • Roughly 1:00 later
    • Sburb Logo Terezi chimes in to her past self's memo to encourage her to troll the kids, while Karkat from the same time voices his disgust. Before the events of Cascade, this was the only signal someone had survived past it.
    • By this moment, the remaining trolls, Dave and Rose are heading towards the new universe. John, Jade and Davesprite write them a message in a pail, disgusting Karkat.
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