Music Box

The opened Music Box.

The Music Box, owned by the Hysterical Dame, is the opposite side of the Storefront window portal.

Music Box Key

The Music Box key.

This portal was originally blocked due to HD having misplaced the key. Slightly later in the adventure, she found itMspa icon around the neck of her Teddy Bear. She promptly uses the key, finding Problem Sleuth looking throughMspa icon the Storefront window portal. She soon closed the box after seeing Mobster Kingpin looking through her windowMspa icon. This action resulted in Problem Sleuth being killedMspa icon by a monster.

The Music box was used for the second and last time when Ace Dick used the Storefront Portal to avoid falling to his deathMspa icon, which consequentially shrunk himMspa icon due to the size-warping capabilities of window portals. The Music Box was then sliced in halfMspa icon by HD accidentally, never to be used again.