Over the course of Problem Sleuth, Mobster Kingpin uses a number of battle techniques and combat operandi to fight Team Sleuth.

Battle techniquesEdit

Running NumbersEdit

Running Numbers allows Mobster Kingpin to randomly alter his Imagination Pulchritude, and Vim stats by throwing a pair of dice into the air. When fighting Hysterical Dame and Nervous Broad, he usesMspa icon the technique and receives maxed-out Vim, the result he had hoped for.

Demonhead Mobster Kingpin can perform the Level 1000 version of Running Numbers, Roll for Dextrosity.

Hit the MattressesEdit

Hit the Mattresses automatically rebalances Mobster Kingpin's stats so that Pulchritude is maxed. MK usesMspa icon the technique while fighting the female alter egos so he can have enough Pulchritude to use Send in the Clowns.



Whenever Belly of the Whale is used against him, Mobster Kingpin can deploy Extortion to send that business right back at his enemy and swallow them instead. Used against two different Ace Dicks: once against Lil' Ace DickMspa icon and once against Fiesta Ace DickMspa icon.

Hooched-Up BootleggerEdit

By imbibing a large quantity of sugar-free candy liquor, Mobster Kingpin can give himself a huge amount of Imagination. He usesMspa icon the technique to make his imaginary self powerful enough to descend into demonhood, becoming Demonhead Mobster Kingpin.

Combat operandiEdit

Send in the ClownsEdit

Using his status as hero of the Clown Kingdom, Mobster Kingpin can open a portal that shoots a stream of clowns at his enemies. UsedMspa icon against Lil' Ace Dick.

Insulin ShotEdit

The Insulin Shot operandi injects Mobster Kingpin with multiple doses of insulin, lowering his Blood Sugar back to zero while simultaneously restoring him to full health. UsedMspa icon after he escapes from the afterlife.

Type 2 Diabeat-downEdit

Mobster Kingpin can channel his patron spirit, Wilford Brimley (an actor famous for his diabetes awareness advocacy), and deliver a series of devastating punches that send his enemy flying, leaving them unconscious. UsedMspa icon against Hysterical Dame.