Problem Sleuth's main heroes and villains are not the only characters who can use battle techniques and combat operandi: minor characters both good and evil have their own special attacks.

Candy MechaEdit

Self Saccharine-ficeEdit

When this battle technique is usedMspa icon, the smaller members of the fractal candy mecha army fly into Mobster Kingpin's mouth, spiking his Blood Sugar so high that he goes into diabetic shock.

Cultural RainbowEdit

Mob RuleEdit

Using this combat operandi, the Cultural Rainbow gangs up on their target to teach them the hard way that racial harmony is everyone's business. UsedMspa icon against Problem Sleuth.


Two LumpsEdit

Ps742 1

Death can use the Two Lumps combat operandi to politely offer someone tea, aggressively and courteously add two sugar cubes to the drink, and stir it disconcertingly with his scythe. While the targeted individual becomes somewhat uncomfortable when the operandi is used, Two Lumps does not do any actual damage to the target. UsedMspa icon on Pickle Inspector.

Hired MuscleEdit

Profane AdulterationEdit

After being turned into a zombie, the Hired Muscle can use this battle technique to turn a targeted enemy undead. UsedMspa icon against one of the Ace Dicks, turning him into Zombie Ace Dick.

Morthol DryaxEdit

Gnostic TaintEdit

The Gnostic Taint battle technique lets Morthol Dryax shoot little skulls out of his own skull, hitting the targeted enemy and afflicting them with an undead curse that banishes them from the physical plane. UsedMspa icon against the Legendary Jazz Musicians.