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The ministrife, titled in Homestuck as [S][A6I3] MINISTRIFE!!!Sburb Logo, is an interactive Flash.

The PlotEdit

Vriska Serket and Meenah Peixes begin to battle after Meenah invites Vriska to her army and Vriska invites Meenah to her pirate adventure. Andrew Hussie is seen bobbing up and down in the background throughout the entire flash. Vriska and Meenah continually one-up each other and summon more allies, sometimes summoning the descendants and ancestors of members from the other person's team, causing COMPLETE mayhem. They both agree to the terms that if one or the other wins the fight, one will have to join the other's "team" and help with their plans to defeat Lord English. However, just before Vriska and Meenah begin to fight, Calliope interrupts. This flash shows all of the ancestors and their typing quirks. Later on in Act 6 Intermission 5, it is shown that an army is under control of both Meenah and Vriska, implying the fight ended with a draw.

Also, it is implied that the strife was pretty much completely useless.

Sprite VariantsEdit

Ministrife Pixels


  • The sprites created by Feastings which were used in this Flash can be found here.
  • The summoned allies are all ghosts, except for Aradia, Sollux, and Gamzee.
    • The Eridan with normal eyes is probably a mistake.
  • An unofficial fan trascript is available here on Pastebin.
  • Although there were many variants of the other characters, there was only one Gamzee, in his fake God Tier outfit.
  • The soundtrack in the background is Killed By Br8k Spider!!!!!!!! ♫

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