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Rose Lalonde - Owner
Rose's Mom - Owner (Deceased)


Pony Chorale ♫
Maplehoof's Adventure
Minihoof's Adventure ♫

Maplehoof is the name that Rose Lalonde has bestowed upon her beautiful pony. Mother gave it to her as part of her Guardian Rubric: Ironic Indulgence attack. While Rose at first Abjured Maplehoof, it seems she's developed a small amount of affection for her, giving her a pat on the snout, albeit in a begrudging way.




It's unknown how Maplehoof was simply purchased by Mom at some point, or if some sort of weird plot shit ties in with her origin.

She enters the The Medium alongside Rose, but disappeared along with Mom. It was later revealed that Mom took Maplehoof with her when she left the island per boat. Maplehoof follows Mom's scent into a cave and comes across the aftermath of her strife with an enemy of the Land of Light and Rain, collecting the huge amount of grist left behind, sending to Rose's Grist Cache. The overflow is sent to the Grist Gutter to be redistributed to the other players. Maplehoof demonstrates a surprising amount of intelligence when she stands on her hind legs to be safely transportalized, following Mom to the Ectobiology Lab hidden in The Veil.

For some reason, when the Paradox Clones are sent back during The Reckoning, Dave's companion is Maplehoof. Maplehoof was killedSburb Logo upon impact with Earth, and its hide was made into a bib by Bro for Dave.


D's room

Tiny Maplehoof on Dirk's desk.

Maplehoof is seen with Dirk's Bro, who, like the pre-Scratch version of Dave, shared his meteor with the pony. It seems to have survived the meteor impact, unless Dirk's Bro likes to take its stuffed corpse with him wherever he goes. A tiny version of Maplehoof is seen in Dirk Strider's room. Although it was initially believed to be a figurine, it turned out to be an actual pony when it was seen sleeping on Dirk's Honorary Placronym. It is unclear if this is the same Maplehoof shrunk down or some sort of copy.


Aquatic hoofbeasts

A secret pageMaplehoof Logo was added featuring Rose riding Maplehoof (in the corner at the end of [S] Rose: Fast forward to now.Sburb Logo). In the page there were many pictures of Scribble Mode.

A second secret pageMaplehoof Logo has been added post-Scratch in which Roxy watches as tiny Maplehoof gallops across the screen, similarly linked from the similar [S] Frigglish: Fast forward to Jaspersprite.Sburb Logo. In the page there were also many pictures of Scribble Mode.

Troll versions


As with most things, there are Alternian versions of Maplehoof called Aquatic Hoofbeasts, similar to the mythological Hippocampus of Poseidon, groomed and cared for by Feferi Peixes. They each have one of the symbols of the quadrants on them, in red or black. Eridan's Lusus may be of a similar species, though it resembles a seahorse more than just an underwater horse.


  • For a single frame Bro can also be seen riding Maplehoof after losing the Beat Mesa to Jack Noir.
  • Aquatic Hoofbeasts bear symbols on their flanks, similar to Cutie Marks within My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic (A show which Dirk Strider has taken a shining towards).
  • In the Volume 9 album, there is a song ♫ dedicated to the small Maplehoof seen on Dirk's desk called Minihoof.

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