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The Omegapause is currently the 2nd longest MSPA hiatus, according to data from
4/13 Endgame Countdown
the 7th anniversary and intended end date of Homestuck.
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Problem Sleuth is the third MS Paint Adventure. Initially a parody of detective noir stories, though quickly abandoning that premise in favor of stranger and wackier plot directions, the adventure tells the story of Problem Sleuth, Ace Dick and Pickle Inspector, three competing private detectives who operate out of neighboring offices in the same building. When all three become trapped inside their respective offices, they join forces to find a way out of their predicament and defeat the evil Mobster Kingpin, who possesses the key they need to leave their building.

Problem Sleuth debuted on March 10, 2008, relaunching MS Paint Adventures after the abandonment of Bard Quest eight months earlier caused the site to be shut down indefinitely. Exactly one year later, on March 10, 2009, the central storyline reached its conclusion, and, after the release of an additional epilogue chapter, Problem Sleuth ended on April 7 with a total of 1,673 pages.

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What's new on the MSPA Wiki

February 2nd – New status update

Another progress update has been posted. Hussie believes that he "probably" will be able to finish the comic by 4/13, has fully completed work on Act 7, and is 30% done with the End of Act 6. Expect another update on these numbers sometime next month.

December 25th – Status update is here

Just in time for Christmas, the end-of-year progress update has arrived. A new Kickstarter update for Hiveswap reveals that game development has undergone several changes over the past few months: most visibly, the game's art style has been totally changed, with the previously-seen 3D graphics being scrapped in favor of 2D artwork. Meanwhile, Hussie continues to work on the end of Homestuck and is apparently on track to completing nearly a half hour's worth of animation, spread across the final pages. He is aiming to have the comic completed by 4/13/16 and will be releasing another status update sometime next month.

December 11th – Status update coming soon

After a few months of relative quiet, a newspost has been published. Hussie says that work on Homestuck and Hiveswap is going well, and he intends to release a follow-up newspost featuring more substantial information on their progress within the next few weeks.

August 12th – More info on the Omegapause

The promised news update on the Omegapause has finally been posted. In it, Hussie states that Homestuck is already 99% complete in terms of page count, with the content he will be working on during the break making up the remaining 1%. Work on the final pages won't begin for another month or so, due to work on Hiveswap taking priority, and Hussie says that he won't be producing content at the same breakneck pace he was working at previously. There is currently no estimated release date, though he suggests that it may be sometime next year.

July 29th – Omegapause: Start

Now that we've all been given time to properly cope with the latest flash, the Omegapause begins! Well, it began two days ago. It is unknown how long it will be until the next news update occurs, but we will be on it when it happens.

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