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Conditional immortality is a term used to describe the rules governing the life and death of Sburb players who have ascended to the god tiers. The basic principles are first described by Doc Scratch in a conversationSburb Logo with Rose Lalonde. He states that a god tier player is immortal, but that this immortality is conditional. A god tier player "will live forever, unless killed". When a god tier player is killed, they will revive unless their death is judged either "Heroic" or "Just".

The revival process is not instantaneous, but it is unclear exactly how long the delay is, whether it varies, or why there is a delay at all, given that the judgment appears to be made almost as soon as the death occurs.

In the A1 trolls' session, Meenah Peixes made intentional use of the delay to avert revival, by killing all twelve playersSburb Logo right before the session was scratched. This was timed such that the god tier players among them (Meenah included) would not have time to revive before the scratch activated, thus allowing them to persist as ghosts in the dream bubbles rather than being erased with the session.

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What's new on the MSPA Wiki

October 30th – Adventure Game title, more details announced

As revealed in a new Kickstarter update, the project formerly known as the Homestuck Adventure Game has received a title: Hiveswap. The game will tell the story of a human girl who is sent to Alternia and must find a way to get back to Earth. Hiveswap's development has been moved over to a newly-formed What Pumpkin game studio and, once completed, it will be released as an episodic title likely consisting of four installments.

October 25th – [S] GAME OVERSburb Logo

Unquestionably the most important Flash page since [S] Cascade, as is only appropriate to being released on the anniversary of it. Go and watch it. Now.

The next update will be on November 1st.

October 17th – End of Gigapause (AGAIN.)

The servers are back up, apparently in a stable state this time, now with the previously attempted update, and this time with the correct Caliborn site theme. Along with the update came a news post, where Hussie explained the update plans for the near future (and please note, he expects more server crashes, implying the issue isn't entirely solved):

  • A test page, which is what yesterday was.
  • A bunch of pages on the 17th and 18th 18th and 19th.
  • No updates until the 25th.
  • No updates again until 11/1, at which point regular updates will resume according to a schedule Hussie will reveal on that day.

Welcome back, everyone. We hope you enjoy the ride.

October 16th – End of Gigapause

Despite the earlier indication, the update actually came at about 4:22pm GMT-4 today. It was a single page depicting the start of A6A6A3, wherein Caliborn welcomed the readers back, with the visual focus on the manga book he had earlier. MSPA crashed within five minutes of the update being posted, and it is still down. The image, however, can still be accessed via the cdn server.

October 16th – Happy Gigaversary

While not technically the gigapause commencement anniversary, today is the anniversary of the last update. In addition, certain dubious evidence seems to indicate that the gigapause will finally end tomorrow, Friday the 17th. While we cannot confirm or deny this, it might be best to prepare yourselves regardless, as the hype alone will likely be enough to impact your day.

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