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Cruxite is a crystalline substance found in Homestuck that comes in numerous different colors. It is primarily found in the form of dowels used for alchemy; however, the artifacts used to facilitate a player's entry to the Medium are also composed of cruxite.

Cruxite dowels are long cylinders extracted from the Cruxtruder, first seen hereSburb Logo. They can be used in conjunction with the Alchemiter to create special objects, and can be carved by the Totem Lathe to change what kind of item is created. A carved cruxite dowel was used to create a cruxite artifact for each of the kids. Its extraction released the Kernelsprite and began the countdown towards the meteor impact. Many dowels can be extracted, but only the first dowel releases the Kernelsprite and initiates the countdown.

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What's new on the MSPA Wiki

September 27th - Gigapause coming to a close

Hussie has posted on the MSPA site news for the first time since April, and here's the gist of it: He didn't get as much work done as he wanted (approximately three out of twelve months were spent on Homestuck), and he plans to return to serial updates in mid to late October. However, it should absolutely be noted that the implication is that this is not a return to a daily update schedule.

September 26th – Server upgrade

The MSPA server migration has now been carried out. And no, before you get all excited, this does not mean the gigaupd8 is imminent.

September 24th – Homestuck progress

Hussie made a tweet on the 17th casually indicating he had made progress on the remainder of Homestuck. Using some numbers he gave us, we were able to estimate that he's made approximately 2300 new pages over the duration of the gigapause. We made a more detailed explanation of this in a tumblr post.

August 26th – Nothing important is happening

Our gigapause duration tracker hit 314 days today, a landmark we thought you all might enjoy!

July 1st – Namco High has been shut down

It had a six and a half month run, but with the closing of ShiftyLook, the plug has been pulled on Namco High's severs.

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