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Last edited on April 14, 2014
by Aepokk Venset
HOMESTUCK GIGAPAUSE duration tracker:
16 Oct 2013 07:32:27 UTC the last update.
Countdown to 6/12/14 (12am, Hussie's time)
12 Jun 2014 5:00:00 UTC the 4th anniversary of Hivebent.
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Featured Article

A selection of cruxite dowels

Cruxite is a crystalline substance found in Homestuck that comes in numerous different colors. It is primarily found in the form of dowels used for alchemy; however, the artifacts used to facilitate a player's entry to the Medium are also composed of cruxite.

Cruxite dowels are long cylinders extracted from the Cruxtruder, first seen here . They can be used in conjunction with the Alchemiter to create special objects, and can be carved by the Totem Lathe to change what kind of item is created. A carved cruxite dowel was used to create a cruxite artifact for each of the kids. Its extraction released the Kernelsprite and began the countdown towards the meteor impact. Many dowels can be extracted, but only the first dowel releases the Kernelsprite and initiates the countdown.

Read the full article here.

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What's new on the MSPA Wiki

April 13th – Launch of paradoxspace.com

The mystery thing has been revealed: a new website, paradoxspace.com, which is intended to allow Homestuck to expand beyond the limitations imposed by the canon webcomic. Which is good, because the canon one kinda relies on this one dude churning stuff out, and as you might possibly have noticed, is kinda slow lately.

April 13th – End of Year Five

Happy 4/13! While everyone may be excited about the possibility of something from Hussie, it is worth remembering that back in January he said that Homestuck would not end today, a statement he recently reiterated. While the end may not come other things may come, back in his January announcement came the announcement of another "secret project" which he recently revealed would have new information "soon", while we can't guarantee new information today we can say that today would be a good day for such a thing.

March 23rd – Looking forward to 4/13?

We have no idea what it is, but apparently, Hussie says he definitely has something planned for the End of Year 5.

March 19th – First con revealed and the closing of Namco High

What Pumpkin has announced that Hussie will be attending Anime Boston on March 22 and 23rd. On a more unfortunate note, last month it was announced that Namco High was being shut down, this has since been revealed due to the closing of ShiftyLook as a whole.

March 5th – Constuck

Hussie has announced that the What Pumpkin crew will be attending several conventions this year; a total of 11 at the moment. These include:

  • Anime Boston / Boston, MA / March 21-23 / Booth # 233, 234
  • MegaCon / Orlando, FL / March 21-23 / At WeLoveFine's Booth # 74
  • Emerald City Comicon / Seattle, WA / March 28-30 / Booth # 1420
  • Salt Lake Comic Con (April) / Salt Lake City, UT / April 17-19 / Booth # 1001
  • WonderCon / Anaheim, CA / April 18-20 / Booth # 1500, 1502
  • Calgary Expo / Calgary, AB, Canada / April 24-27 / Booths BF 3726 and BF 3725
  • C2E2 / Chicago, IL / April 25-27 / Booth # 268
  • Anime Expo / Los Angeles, CA /July 3-6 / Booth # TBA
  • Florida Supercon / Miami, FL / July 3-6 / Booth # 911, 913, 915
  • Dragon Con / Atlanta, GA / Aug 29-Sept 1 / Booth # TBA
  • Salt Lake Comic Con (September) / Salt Lake City, UT / Sept 4-6 / Booth # 1001

In addition, Hussie has stated that he will be attending two or three of these cons himself, although he hasn't decided which ones yet, and he seems to imply he'll visit unannounced.

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