MSPA reader

MSPA Readers are people who read MS Paint Adventures, obviously. In the Incipisphere, their planet is the Land of Stumps and Dismay. Their Strife Specibus is pistolkind.

They are the people actually trying to play the game. MSPA readers type in commands to the game, trying to accomplish some goal that is set by the game, or to try to see if the game will do some silly event that they would really like to see.

However, the game usually ends up resulting in something inexplicably unexpected, and this may leave the reader with no choice but make a personal visit to a particular tree stump.

MSPA readers sometimes donated money to the Tip Flask in order to receive custom-made commands, and an entire series of commands have been completely Donation Funded, some of them creating characters that have become very popular, but this function has been discontinued. Some characters and concepts from these special pages made their way into Homestuck, such as most notably the Midnight Crew.

Some readers have taken the time to document the game as a strategy guide of sorts.

I'm sure it's very useful in helping get past some of the really long parts of the game.

The Player Edit


MSPA readers are collectively known in game as The Player, and can have actions in the game themselves, such as screwing around with a SylladexSburb Logo, or can enact actions that go outside of the game, such as pausing or going back to the title screen. They are mostly attributed to being the ones that give the commands, though.

The first appearance of an MSPA Reader was in Problem Sleuth, shortly after DMK used LADDER TO HELL. On that page, the two commands were: MSPA readers: React to update.Mspa icon or MSPA readers: Never mind. Continue.Mspa icon Deciding upon MSPA readers: React to update would lead you to a page where an MSPA reader is seen sitting at his computer, excited about a new update. After looking at the new update, the reader promptly draws a pistol (presumably from his pocket) and judging by previous reactions to the nearby stump, it is likely the reader would proceed to off themselves.

The MSPA Reader later appeared in Homestuck for twoSburb Logo pagesSburb Logo and then fiveSburb Logo moreSburb Logo pagesSburb Logo laterSburb Logo onSburb Logo. After the ludicrous reveal of Lil Cal and Lord English's nature, the MSPA Reader has a veritable breakdownSburb Logo in light of the sheer volume of ramifications from this reveal.


Like characters, the Player can gain levels and points, although these don't really bear any significance.


  • The MSPA Reader is/was in a 40 player session at the time of their appearance, as indicated by the arrow on this pageSburb Logo.

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