While sloppy is fine, it might be a bit of a good idea to arrange this particular page because, to be quite frank, as it is right now, it is just absolute garbage. Here's some detail: the deaths from GAME OVER need to be organized better, as do pre- and post-retcon differences.

Hussiebot goes mad.Sburb Logo

This is a list of all characters and their deadness attributes as of the most recent update. It should be noted that, in Problem Sleuth and Homestuck, death is generally not the final word. For Problem Sleuth characters, permanent death occurs only after the door to the afterlife has been wedged closed. In Homestuck, no afterlife has been shown to exist for characters who are not Sburb players, so they are presumably doomed to permanent death; however, for players, permanent existence failure is only possible through "double death" if the dream bubble containing their ghost is destroyed.

Confirmed deathsEdit

Pre-scratch Earth and Sburb sessionEdit

Post-scratch Earth and Sburb sessionEdit

Post-scratch Alternia and Sgrub sessionEdit

  • Aradiabotexploded when Aradia ascended Sburb Logo
  • Tavrosimpaled with his own lance by VriskaSburb Logo. Pre-retcon, he was temporarily revived as a part of Tavrisprite, only to explode. Revived in post-retcon timeline as past of GcaTavrosprite.
  • Gamzeekilled during the events of Caliborn's Masterpiece, seemingly sliced in half. Half of corpse is absorbed into Lil Cal, merging souls with Caliborn and Arquius.
  • Eridankilled by Kanaya via means of bisection. Revived as Erisolsprite prior to retcon. Following the events of the retcon, he remains deceased.
  • Feferi – killed by Eridan's wand Sburb Logo, revived as half of Fefetasprite, but later self destructed.
  • Trolls' ancestors (except for Her Imperious Condescension) – various causes of death, some unknown
  • Trolls' Lusiivarious causes of death prior to the trolls' entry; revived as the trolls' sprites (except for Aradia's), but all died again eventually
  • A2 Black Kingkilled by the trolls Sburb Logo
  • Doc Scratchaggrieved by Hussie; Sburb Logo died by transforming into Lord English Sburb Logo
  • Snowmanshot by Spades Slick and killed, destroying the A2 universe Sburb Logo
  • Hearts Boxcars – initially was thought dead in the new timeline Spades Slick transitioned into, but seen in a later flash, still stuck in the horse calendar Cans clocked him into. It's unclear if this is reliable or just an easter egg
  • Clubs Deucedead in the new timeline Spades Slick transitioned into
  • Diamonds Droogdead in the new timeline Spades Slick transitioned into
  • Bilious Slickdestroyed by Bec Noir's Red Miles attack, along with everyone in (eventually all iterations of) the B universe Sburb Logo
  • Trolls' Denizens - some, such as Karkat's, Kanaya's and Vriska's, killed by their player during the session; any that survived would have been killed when Bec Noir destroyed all the A2 session planets
  • Spades Slick – Decapitated by Dave on LOTAK Sburb Logo
  • The Condesce - Stabbed by Roxy on post-scratch B2 Derse

Pre-scratch Sgrub sessionEdit

All twelve of the pre-scratch trolls were blown up by Meenah in order to continue existing after the scratch. As such, all of them were introduced as already dead.

  • Damara - Killed in Meenah's explosion
  • Rufioh – Nearly killed by Damara, but saved by Horuss giving him a robot body. Body recovered by dying and being replaced by his dream self. Killed again in Meenah's explosion.
  • Mituna - Killed in Meenah's explosion
  • Kankri
  • Meulin
  • Porrim
  • Latula
  • AraneaReached the god tiers, but died and could not be revived due to the scratch. Sburb Logo Current alpha timeline status is uncertain
  • HorussImplied to have been killed by Damara at some point. Revived somehow before being killed in Meenah's explosion.
  • Kurloz
  • Cronus
  • MeenahKilled by Damara, then ascended. Despite being god tier, she could not be revived due to the scratch. (It's also possible blowing herself up to save everyone would have been a heroic death anyway.)


  • Hussiebot – Apparently decapitated by Lord English Sburb Logo
  • Andrew Hussie – Riddled with bullets by Lord English.Sburb Logo
  • MSPA ReaderImplied suicideSburb LogoSburb LogoSburb Logo
  • Canon fan trollsDestroyed along with their planet, and its troll population, by Calliope and Caliborn's father . Sburb Logo
  • Bogus RoxyKilled in a HORSE ACCIDENT. by John. Sburb Logo
  • Bogus Dave Alpha Male – Killed by John Sburb Logo
  • Bogus Nepeta – Killed off by Caliborn, while sashaying into the sexual picture to spoil Alpha Male and KrabKrab's boy fun.Sburb Logo
  • Bogus TereziKilled off by Caliborn, while attempting to horn in on Alpha Male and KrabKrab's relationship.Sburb Logo
  • Bogus Vriska – DecapitatedSburb Logo by Caliborn, because "she actually thought she was going to be relevant to the story."

Dream selvesEdit

  • Dream Jake – killed by Courtyard Droll exploiting his peanut allergy Sburb Logo
  • All the trolls' dream selves apart from Vriska's, Aradia's, and one of Sollux's – killed by Bec Noir during his rampage in the trolls' session; Aradia ascended as a result. Vriska's dream self had already ascended and replaced her waking self. Sollux's Prospitian dream self was killed, but his Dersite dream self had already replaced his waking self. Gamzee's dream self had been the subject of speculation, but his dreaming in the Furthest RingSburb Logo would seem to confirm that he does not have a separate living dream self.
    • Dream Tavros – sliced in half, presumably by Bec Noir, and apparently while awake Sburb Logo
    • Dream Nepeta – stabbed by Bec Noir three times, and died from the ensuing blast of First Guardian power he let loose on Derse Sburb Logo
      • Dream Nepeta (possibly the Alpha timeline one, possibly not) was later double-killed by Lord English Sburb Logo
    • Dream Kanayaburned in the green flames of the destroyed Prospit. Her dream self was apparently asleep at the time Sburb Logo
    • Dream Feferi – while still awake, was sliced in half by Bec Noir Sburb Logo
  • Dream Calliope – killed by her session's Jack Noir Sburb Logo


This is the timeline depicted in A6A6I2-A6A6I4. Many deaths take place in the events of GAME OVERSburb Logo. Due to several planetary collisions, it is impossible to be certain who survived.

  • Rose – Stabbed through the chest by the Condesce. Died of her wounds in Roxy's arms shortly after arriving on LOPAN, judged as a heroic death. Current alpha timeline status is that her corpse was prototyped/revived in the post-retcon timeline as Rosesprite after being dragged back to canon with LOWAS
  • Dave – Stabbed by Bec Noir and PM while defending Jade's body. Judged to be a heroic death.
  • Jade – Crushed beneath the remains of her own house, which was toppled by a multitude of Damaras under the mind control of Aranea, suffering a Just death – though the amount of influence Aranea had on the clock's outcome is uncertain
  • Jane – Impaled by Aranea, judged as a just death
  • Jake – Killed and revived by Jane, only to later be impaled by Aranea while trying to protect Jane, judged as a heroic death
  • Karkat – forked in the chest and resurrected by a Condesce-controlled Jane as a demonstration of her god tier powersSburb Logo. Later stabbed by Gamzee and pushed into hot lava
  • Kanaya – Vaporized by the Condesce
  • Gamzee – Sawed in half by Kanaya, however no death tag has been shown (but a few pages later, Gamzee is seen working with the other Felts in the far right). Worth noting - he did not show up with the other ghosts from this event in the Remem8erSburb Logo Flash
  • Terezi – stabbed self under Aranea's control, pulled out the sword, flew to LOPAN, gave John instructions, drew a forensic chalk outline, keeled over, and was declared D34D.
  • Aranea - Temporarily revived by the Ring of Life. Ring removed, neck snapped, and cast into flame by the Condesce. Judged a Just death.

Retconned timelineEdit

This is the timeline created by John's retcons, in which Jade spent the three years on the Prospitian battleship alone. The sleeping Jade and Jane that meet with Calliope in A6A6I4 are from this timeline.

  • John – Died in an explosion caused by Typheus, as a result of John's Choice, while visiting LOWAS shortly into the 3 year journey to the alpha session Sburb Logo
  • Davespriteaka Alternate Future Dave; Died in an explosion caused by Typheus, while visiting LOWAS shortly into the 3 year journey to the alpha session Sburb Logo
  • Roxy Lalonde – Stabbed in the heart by Jane, who had been trying to attack Rose. Jane knew that it was judged as a heroic death. Sburb Logo Roxy could not be resurrected by Jane because VriskaSburb Logo put her to sleepSburb Logo

Offshoot timelinesEdit

  • Terezi – killed by Gamzee in an alternate timeline, killed by Bec Noir in her vision of an alternate future
  • Karkat – killed by Gamzee in an alternate timeline, killed by Bec Noir in Terezi's vision of an alternate future Sburb Logo
  • Doomed Aradiabots – all killed by either the A2 Black King or Bec Noir Sburb Logo
  • Stitchkilled by Spades SlickSburb Logo
  • Sawbuckkilled by Spades SlickSburb Logo
  • Spades Slick – killed by Quarters in Snowman's vision of an alternate futureSburb Logo
  • God tier Eridan – seen in dream bubble with god tier Feferi.
  • God tier Feferi – seen in dream bubble with god tier Eridan.
  • God tier Karkat – seen in dream bubble with dream Nepeta. Sburb Logo
  • Alternate Caliborn – effectively deceased after Calliope predominated in an alternate timeline Sburb Logo
  • Alternate CalliopeAscended to god tier, but later allowed Echidna to kill her as it became clear that she had no hope of beating the session. Sburb Logo Most likely Double Dead following her destruction of the Green Sun.

Double DeadEdit

Various ghosts in a dream bubble – killed by Lord English's mouth beam Sburb Logo

  • John – killed in an alternate timeline by Typheus due to Terezi's interference
  • Doomed Daves – one killed by the Draconian Dignitary when attempting to retrieve the MEOW code, one killed by Bec Noir due to Terezi's interference
  • Numerous Aradiabots
  • An offshoot god tier Tavros
  • An offshoot god tier Eridan
  • An offshoot god tier Feferi
  • An offshoot god tier Karkat
  • A dream Terezi
  • A dream Sollux
  • A dream Kanaya
  • A dream Nepeta
  • An instance of Equius

Other deadness attributesEdit

As the Hussiebot image at the top of this page becomes outdated with new updates, any of these characters may potentially be moved from their current deadness categories at any time.

Presumed dead, but uncertainEdit

  • B2 Black Queen – Her fate when replaced by the Condesce is unknown; thus far, she has not been seen, and her whereabouts are currently unknown. However given the Condesce's nature and the lack of reason to keep her around, she was most likely killed
  • Cherub Session's YaldabaothPresumed dead as stated to have been "defeated", probably with death, by Caliborn. In his Masterpiece he claims to have killed Yaldabaoth.
  • Pre-scratch ancestorsAny information about them, including their fates, is currently unknown. Presumed to be dead by the effects of a Sgrub session, as well as the eventual destruction of the troll universe
  • Pre-retcon Wayward Vagabond/The Mayor – Possibly killed in planetary collisions Sburb Logo
  • Pre-retcon Dirk - Possibly glitched out of existence.
  • B2 Jack Noir – Currently decapitated and sucked through an explosion/portal of his head's own creation, along with most of LOTAK Sburb Logo
  • Betty Crocker / Her Imperious Condescension (post-retcon) – Impaled by Roxy Lalonde on post-retcon B2 Derse with Bro's sword. Whether the death sticks, however, depends on the exact nature of her conditional mortality curse.

Just uncertainEdit

  • bogus Beta kids - sucked into Caliborn's Ultimate weapon THEIR SOULS WERE TRAPPED IN MY JUJU. FOREVER. Sburb Logo Possibly released during the events of Act 7.
  • Post-scratch Dad (pre-retcon) – a cross is scribbled over him in green by Hussiebot due to his (re?)existence after the scratch, was shown to be alive in his solitary confinement suite on Derse shortly before the entire planet was teleported away from Jake's destructive hope field and switched with LOFAF.
  • Lord English - Implied to be trapped in the black hole created by the collapse of the Green Sun, but his exact fate is unknown.

Temporarily deadEdit

Characters who did die but were replaced by their dream self, ascended to god tier, or simply revived.

  • Johnkilled by Bec Noir and ascended. Later was killed again by Bec Noir and revived. Current alpha timeline status is uncertain (Alive)
  • Rose – killed by Bec Noir, replaced with dream self. Killed again by the Tumor's explosion, and ascended to the god tiers. Current alpha timeline status is uncertain (Alive, and Alpha)
  • Dave  – killed by Bec Noir redirecting Jade's bullets, replaced with dream self. Killed again by the Tumor's explosion, and ascended. Current alpha timeline status is uncertain (Alive, and Alpha)
  • Jade – killed by a shaving cream explosion set by the Courtyard Droll. Ascended to god tier afterwards, combining with Jadesprite. Current alpha timeline status is uncertain (Alive, and Alpha)
  • Dream Jade –killed saving dream John from the fall of Prospit's moon; revived as Jadesprite, then combined with Jade when she ascended to god tier. Current alpha timeline status is uncertain
  • Aradia – killed by Vriska through a mind-controlled Sollux, returned as a ghost, revived as Aradiasprite, became Aradiabot, ascended when her dream self was killed by Bec Noir. It is unknown if any of her deaths fulfilled Sollux's prophecy of all the trolls dying (Alive, and Alpha) Sburb Logo
  • Nepetabludgeoned to death by GamzeeSburb Logo, but with no dead tag shown. Exact time of death is unknown, and lack of the tag may mean she was just not dead at that point, but dying slowly. Revived as half of Fefetasprite, but later self-destructed. Post-retcon, she was instead prototyped by Jasprosesprite^2 and shook hands with Davesprite, which prototyped Davepeta^2.
  • Kanaya – killed by Eridan's wand, returned as a Rainbow Drinker. There is some question as to whether Kanaya really diedSburb Logo, though her current alpha timeline status is uncertain (Alive, and Alpha)
  • Vriska – bled out on her quest bed after being beaten to near death by Aradia, then ascended; her other deaths have been Retconned by John having knocked her out at a critical moment (Alive, and Alpha)
  • Eridan – had his upper and lower torso auspicitised between by Kanaya's chainsaw Sburb Logo, revived as half of Erisolsprite. Sburb Logo Possibly died in planetary collisions.Sburb Logo
  • Equius – asphyxiated by Gamzee Sburb Logo, revived as Equiusprite and later half of Arquiusprite. (Dead)Sburb Logo
  • Jake – killed by the destruction of Prospit's moon and ascended. Current alpha timeline status is uncertain (Alive, and Alpha)
  • Jane – dream self killed by Jack Noir, revived herself with Maid of Life powers. Real self killed by the Red Miles, replaced with dream self. Killed yet again by the destruction of Prospit's moon and ascended. Current alpha timeline status is uncertain (Alive, and Alpha)
  • Roxy – killed by the Red Miles, replaced with dream self. Killed again by the destruction of Derse's moon and ascended (Alive)
  • Dirk – killed himself via decapitation with the sendificator, replaced with dream self. Killed again by the destruction of Derse's moon and ascended. Current alpha timeline status is uncertain (Alive)
  • Nannakilled by John's meteor impact; revived as Nannasprite (Alive)Sburb Logo
  • Rambunctious Crowaccidentally skewered with Dave's katana; revived as a sprite, to later become Davesprite (Alive, unknown)
  • Jaspers/FrigglishSassacrushed during an appearifying accident; revived as Jaspersprite (Alive, unknown)
  • Becquerel –overwritten by Jade's dream self in her sprite
  • Dream Jane – stab-greeted by post-scratch Jack Noir before Jane's entry Sburb Logo, her body suddenly began glowing, causing the top of her dream tower to explode Sburb Logo. Is later seen alive having been revived by the Lifey Thing. Sburb Logo
  • Itchy – beaten to death by Spades Slick. Revived by Spades Slick with Die's doll
  • Doze – killed by one of Clubs Deuce's explosions.Sburb Logo Revived by Spades Slick with Die's doll
  • Trace – killed by one of Clubs Deuce's explosions.Sburb Logo Revived by Spades Slick with Die's doll
  • Cloversupposedly dead in the new timeline Spades Slick transitioned into. Inexplicably appears in Doc Scratch's apartment later, but vanishes by switching places with Quarters. Had he managed to survive he would have died when the universe was destroyed. Has since been brought back by Spades Slick along with the other numbered members of the Felt (barring Snowman).
  • Fin – bled to death after being shot by Diamonds Droog.Sburb Logo Revived by Spades Slick with Die's doll
  • Die – lived up to his name thanks to Spades Slick.Sburb Logo Revived by Spades Slick with Die's doll
  • Crowbar – originally dead, brought back through time shenanigans, decapitated by Spades Slick. Sburb Logo Revived by Spades Slick with Die's doll
  • Stitch – impaled by Spades Slick.Sburb Logo Revived by Spades Slick with Die's doll
  • Sawbuck – decapitated by Spades Slick's Rapier Wit.Sburb Logo Revived by Spades Slick with Die's doll
  • Matchsticks – originally dead, brought back through time shenanigans, bludgeoned by Spades Slick. Revived by Spades Slick with Die's doll
  • Eggs – had his head eaten by Hearts Boxcars.Sburb Logo Revived by Spades Slick with Die's doll
  • Biscuits – blown up by C4 placed in his oven with him.Sburb Logo Revived by Spades Slick with Die's doll
  • Quarters – originally dead, brought back through time shenanigans, killed by Snowman.Sburb Logo Revived by Spades Slick with Die's doll
  • Cans – dead in the new timeline Spades Slick transitioned into. Revived by Spades Slick with Die's doll
  • Wayward Vagabond - Possibly killed by Bec Noir in Cascade, but later revived by a doomed god-tier Feferi.
  • Caliborn / Lord Englishcommitted suicide sometime before A6A6 and ascended, soul ripped out of body and placed inside of Lil' Cal, where he eventually came back as Lord English
  • Nicolas Cagekilled in the apocalypse, but went god tier and escaped; Hussie has said that Cage will never die, neither herocially nor justly
  • Fedorafreak – died on his Quest Bed. Does not appear in Hussiebot image. The 2014 Calendar confirms that he ascended.
  • CalliopeWent to sleep after her dream self's death, allowing Caliborn to seize permanent control of their shared body. Sburb Logo Later revived when Roxy gave her the Ring of Life. Sburb Logo
  • Dirk - Collaterally decapitated by Dave, who also takes his body and head back in time. Sburb Logo Later revived by Jane. Sburb Logo


Some deaths have been removed from the events of the alpha timeline, but their pre-retcon ghosts still persist.

  • Vriska – impaled by Terezi; died a "Just" deathSburb Logo, although the precise circumstances are uncertain; revived as Tavrisprite, but self destructed shortly afterwards. Death was retconned through deliberate intervention by John.
  • Tavros – revived as Tavrisprite, but self-destructed shortly afterwards
  • Tavrisprite – Tavrisplded, re-killing Tavros and Vriska
  • All of the deaths in GAME OVER

Temporarily "half" deadEdit

Marked with half a cross on the Hussiebot image.

  • Sollux – killed by the Vast Glub, Sburb Logo revived by Feferi as Dersite dream self. Sburb Logo Killed due to the strain of his psychic powers. Sburb Logo Turned out to only be "Half dead" when he was able to leave his dream bubble in the furthest ring,Sburb LogoSburb Logo possibly because he had two dream selves. Note that Sollux has stated he will die twice (and he did). Sburb Logo After his half-corpse was revived as Erisolsprite, his dead half was pulled into the sprite causing his living half to become fully alive. Sburb Logo Current alpha timeline status is uncertain, possibly half dead again following the events of the retcon, due to Erisolsprite never coming to exist (either Fully Alive and Fully Blind, or Half Dead and Half Blind, or both) Sburb Logo

Never died... yet (alpha timeline)Edit

  • Lil CalB1 incarnation currently possessing B2 Jack Noir, though the eyes are likely the only remaining part of him; B2 incarnation currently with Caliborn and will be sent into the Furthest Ring after becoming a vessel for his soul, where it will later be summoned by Gamzee through chucklevoodoos into Dave's nightmares and depart into B1 and B2 on baby Dirk/Bro's meteor; a third copy appears in Dirk's dream tower on B2 Derse's moon, possibly destroyed with the rest of Derse's moon
  • Lil Hal – currently merged with Equius as part of Arquiusprite. May have been killed in planetary explosions during GAME OVERSburb Logo. Post-retcon iteration later absorbed into Lil Cal.
  • Davespriteaka Alternate Future Davesprite; was presumed to have been killed in battle by Bec Noir, but was later shown to have survived Sburb Logo. Currently merged with Nepeta in Davepetasprite^2
  • Post-scratch Dad (post-retcon) - a cross is scribbled over him in green by Hussiebot due to his (re?)existence after the scratch, last seen punching Cans into a tower on Derse Sburb Logo
  • Ms. Paintclassy as ever
  • Bec Noir – Disarmed (yes, in both senses) by PM, punched to the surface of LOFAF Sburb Logo
  • B2 Courtyard DrollLast seen partying on LOTAK
  • B2 Draconian Dignitary – Last seen in Dad's Luxury Cell. Unknown if he was affected by the destruction of B2 Derse's moon
  • B2 White QueenNo confirmed death, but possibly killed in the destruction of B2 Prospit
  • Peregrine Mendicant – Goes on to build Can Town with WV, presumably living happily ever after Sburb Logo
  • SerenityReunited with WV at long last Sburb Logo
  • CaseyLast seen on LOMAX leading the skeleton army against the Felt Sburb Logo
  • The Kids' Denizensthe kids' denizens remain on their respective planets. May have been affected by planetary explosions during the events of GAME OVER pre-retcon. Probably fine post-retcon. Yaldabaoth may have been pulled in by B2 Jack's explosion/portal/black hole; status unknown. Typheus likely killed in post-retcon iteration of LOWAS, but was eventually replaced by pre-retcon John's iteration of the denizen.
  • Kids' Genesis Frog tadpole – shot out of the Forge to become a fully formed Genesis Frog.
  • Lil Sebastiansunk into the ocean next to Jake's island, lasted centuries on post-Scratch Earth, and is currently active and in Caliborn's company
  • Squarewave and Sawtoothlast seen during the trickster kids' alchemizing binge on LOTAK. May have been killed pre-retcon in planetary explosions during GAME OVERSburb Logo, probably fine post-retcon (confirmed to be alive on Earth C)

Dead characters in Paradox SpaceEdit

  • Monkey – In "John's BirthdayPXS icon", John saw a monkey get shanked by another monkey at the zoo.
  • A whole pile of dead animals GCat caught in "A Fun Day for GCatPXS icon", including a mouse, a red bird, a squirrel, an ostrich, a beaver, a duck, a walrus and a wolf.
  • Party goers – In The Thirst of Dornamon Gary.PXS icon 3 people try to party with Jeff, and they die.
  • Red Hella JeffIn The Thirst of Dornamon Gary.PXS icon Jeff became immortal after wishing that his tee shirt representation would age instead of him, he then proceeds to party forever, but he switches with the shirt again after he tears on a nail, causing him to age instantaneously and be torn in half.
  • PoinkoIn Secret Sufferer.PXS icon Was a recipient of one of Vriska's Secret Sufferer presents, which was a doomsday device that immediately detonated and killed the troll.
  • Aradia - Mauled by the Bec Noir bearPXS icon prior to the events of Summerteen Romance.
  • Sweet Jeff (or Hella Bro?) - Bitten in halfPXS icon by the bear version of Bec Noir in Summerteen Romance.
  • Bear Bec Noir - Mauled by NepetaPXS icon in Summerteen Romance.
  • Doomed-timeline Damara Megido - Fell off a cliffPXS icon trying to escape Cronus Ampora.

Dead characters in Problem SleuthEdit

Died once but revived themselvesEdit

  • Lil' Ace Dickslain because he killed himself with grenades inside of Mobster Kingpin's stomach, then later challenged Death to win his life back.
  • Pickle Inspectorslain because he increased the Accretion Rate way too high thus causing an explosion, he challenged Death to win his life back as well.
  • Honeybee Professordied the same way Pickle Inspector did, he did however escape death by flying away from the Afterlife.
  • Mobster Kingpin – was once slain by a finishing blow from Hysterical Dame, he then sneaked his way out the Death Door to revive himself from the dead.
  • Madame Murelslain by both Hysterical Dame and Nervous Broad, walked out the Death door when everyone began to leave into the Black Hole.

Dead characters in JailbreakEdit

  • Guard – Used as battering ram for the door
  • LogorgDrilled through. Later revived as Drillgorg, but crushed by a prisoner.
  • Flood Prisoner – Harpooned by a prisoner. Dies of blood loss.
  • Prisoner – Shot head in suicide after the flood prisoner dies.

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