This is a list of characters seen in Paradox Space.

Summary of appearances by storyEdit

Story Central characters Secondary characters Cameos
You Have a Feeling It's Going to Be a Long DayPXS icon John Dad
Headed for StardomPXS icon Gamzee Tavros, Nepeta, Equius, Eridan, Feferi Squiddles, A crayon portrait of Lil Cal
John's BirthdayPXS icon John, Dave, knife-wielding monkeys, monkey murder victim Rose, Jade, Karkat, Terezi, Equius, Gamzee, KC Green
PrototypedPXS icon John, Karkat, Bec Noir Rose, Dave, Jade Harlequinsprite, Jaspersprite, Crowsprite, Becquerel
A Fun Day for BecPXS icon Becquerel Jade Harley
Critical MissPXS icon Vriska, Eridan Critical Whale
Con FairePXS icon Unseen announcer, Wayward Vagabond, John, Karkat, Terezi, Vriska, Roxy Casey, Caliborn, Lil Seb, Lil Cal Jack Noir, Nannasprite, Aimless Renegade, DD (cat hat and suit & hat versions), Ms. Paint, Peregrine Mendicant, Spades Slick, Itchy
Deadline DayPXS icon Two journalist Dersites
A Fun Day for GCatPXS icon God Cat, Jane Crocker Barkley
Quality TimePXS icon John Egbert, Dad, Dave Strider
Fetch QuestPXS icon Parcel Mistress Salamanders, crocodiles, Iguanas, turtles, White Queen
Summer Sea FunPXS icon Sweet Bro, Hella Jeff
Hunting LessonPXS icon Nepeta Leijon, Equius Zahhak LOLCAT Imps
Togy Hawk Pro SkatorPXS icon Sweet Bro Green-eyed squirrel
Ace Sleuth JanePXS icon Jane Crocker God Cat, Dirk Strider
Party CrashersPXS icon Consorts: At least 2 salamanders, 2 turtles, 2 crocodiles and 2 iguanas, including Crumplehat and the iguana with Green Sun bedsheets Mutie
Underlings: A lich, ogre, gigclops, basilisk and 4 imps
Nak WorthPXS icon Consorts: Crocodile stock traders, crocodile cooks Dave Strider
Suffering Through/For the PeoplePXS icon The Sufferer, The Disciple, The Ψiioniic The Dolorosa
PonesPXS icon Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff
A Fun Day for JaspersPXS icon Rose Lalonde, Jaspers
Killswitch EngagePXS icon Sollux, Equius John's arm
Hand Made in AlterniaPXS icon Doc Scratch, the Handmaid
Indemnity Double ReacharoundPXS icon Inspector Berrybreath, Doctor Honeytongue, Senator Lemonsnout Liaison Pumpkinsnuffle, Professor Pucefoot, Duke Pinesnort, Terezi, Dave WV, Serenity
The Town Mouse and the Country MousePXS icon Dream Jade, Dream Rose Parcel Mistress, Dersites playing snap Ms. Paint and various other Prospitians
Her Pale PassionsPXS icon Rose, Kanaya Karkat Equius
Can Town in TroublePXS icon WV, AR Serenity, PM, WQ John, Casey, Con Air Bunny
Night at the 100dseumPXS icon Equius, Karkat, Terezi Robots, Sweati The Condesce
Soul-Fraying GamesPXS icon Terezi, Dave, Kanaya, Rose, Karkat WV
The Viceroy and the Lady GrimmePXS icon Casey, Rose, Doc Scratch
Horse PlayPXS icon Doc Scratch, Hussie Ms. Paint, Horuss, Rufioh, Crowbar, Clover, Lord English, Lil Cal
Lalondian TourismPXS icon Kanaya, Terezi Rose Dave, Smuppet, Wizardy Herbert, Beatrix, Mom
Go FetchPXS icon Rose, Jade, Becquerel
the thirst of dornamon garyPXS icon Sweet Bro, Hella Jeff Squirrel
HospitalityPXS icon Eridan, Gamzee Angels
Mother GrubPXS icon The Dolorosa, The Sufferer "alligator," "lion," "eagle," Indigoblood, Oliveblood
Garbage DayPXS icon Dave, Terezi Jack Noir Rose, Kanaya, Karkat, Mayor
Stand-up Room OnlyPXS icon Dualscar, Redglare, Highblood Oliveblood audience member, Tealblood audience member, Tealblood executioner
DamaraPXS icon Damara, Kankri, Cronus, Horuss Kurloz, Meulin Rufioh, Porrim, Latula (dialogue only)
Antiquated JasperismPXS icon Jake, Dirk (dialogue only) Ram Lusus Lizard lusus
The Inaugural Death of Mister SevenPXS icon Crowbar Doc Scratch, Itchy, Doze, Trace, Clover, Fin, Die, Snowman, Stitch, Sawbuck, Matchsticks, Eggs, Biscuits, Quarters, Cans Genesis Frog
A Friend in NeedPXS icon Kanaya, a dead god tier Feferi, Aradia A dead Nepeta, Dave
The MorticianPXS icon Terezi, Kanaya Officer Cinnamonwhiff, Mother Grub lusus other unnamed scalemates (the jury), Host Plush
Holiday Activity PagesPXS icon Rose, Kanaya, The Mayor, Karkat, Dave, Terezi, Gamzee, John, Davesprite, Jade, Peregrine Mendicant, Nepeta, Jane, Dirk, Jake, Roxy Jack Noir, Erisolsprite
Secret SuffererPXS icon Rose, Dave, Kanaya, Karkat, Terezi, Meenah, Aranea, Porrim, Kankri The Mayor, Expatri8, Disciple, Highblood, Poinko, Mituna, Latula, Cronus, Damara, Horuss, Kurloz, Meulin Two unnamed trolls, Rufioh
Secret Sufferer Is Comin' To The Municipal Community Gathering Of CitizensPXS icon Karkat, Aradia Tavros, Sollux, Nepeta, Kanaya, Terezi, Vriska, Equius, Gamzee, Eridan, Feferi, Karkat's lusus Troll Beethoven, unnamed bronzeblood, goldblood delivery troll
Cherub CharitablePXS icon Calliope, Roxy, Caliborn Jane, Dirk, Jake Wizard bunny, Mutant cat
Deck it AllPXS icon John, Jade, Davesprite Crocodiles, Salamanders, Turtles Jaspersprite, Carapacians
Lady Grimme and the Red KnightPXS icon Rose, Dave, Turtle, Crocodile, Salamander, Casey Iguana, Kanaya, Doc Scratch
Three out of Five HatsPXS icon Rose, Dave, Karkat Mayor
Birds & BeesPXS icon Grandpa, Jade Dad, Rose's Mom
Steward of VoidPXS icon Dave, Equius Kanaya
Star of the OceanPXS icon Aradia, Feferi Star of the Ocean
SpriteconPXS icon Nannasprite, Davesprite Jadesprite, Jaspersprite, Karkrabsprite (These names have not been confirmed as canon): Deathsprite, Piratemummysprite, Nepetasprite, Jaspersprite/Mutiesprite (one tier), Tentacletherapistsprite, Rosesprite, Feferisprite, Tavrisprite, Sweetbiandhellacyclopsprite, Mothersprite, Dragonsprite, Erisolsprite, Calsprite (2 tier canonical), Squiddlesprite, Gcatsprite, Becsprite, Spidersprite, Snowmansprite, Solluxsprite, Parcelmistressprite, Livtylersprite, Gamebrosprite, Seamaplehoofsprite, Peregrinemendicantsprite, Terezisprite, Draconiandignitarysprite, Tinkerbullsprite, Zazzerpansprite, Eridansprite, Aurthoursprite, Caseysprite, Smuppetsprite, Dadsprite, Pumpkinsprite, Geromysprite, Crocodilesprite, Gamzeesprite, Ms. Paint, Maplehoofsprite, Aradiasprite, Hussiesprite, Problemsleuthsprite, Momsprite, Crabdadsprite, Gl'bgolybsprite, ARquiusprite, Cagesprite (Unprototyped), Poinko, Poppopsprite, Sassacresprite, Applesprite, Lemonsprite, Limesprite, Orangesprite, Harlequinsprite, Riddlersprite, Horsaronisprite, Fefetasprite
Relation ShippingPXS icon Nepeta Eridan, Feferi, Equius, Aradiabot Tavros, Dead stegosaurus Lusus, Two unnamed trolls in paintings
Summerteen RomancePXS icon Tavros, Sollux, Karkat, Nepeta, Kanaya, Terezi, Vriska, Equius, Gamzee, Eridan, Feferi, Dave's Bro, Lil Cal, Sweet Bro, Hella Jeff, Geromy, Aradia Bear, Krabdad Rose, Mayor, Cicada
Vrisky BusinessPXS icon Vriska, Equius

Characters from HomestuckEdit

The following Homestuck characters have appeared in Paradox Space:


The Felt

Other characters
Wizardy Herbert
  • Wizardy Herbert
  • Beatrix

Other MSPA charactersEdit

Problem Sleuth
Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff
  • Sweet Bro
  • Hella Jeff
  • Geromy
Andrew Hussie

Artist, author, pet and crossover cameosEdit

One-shot charactersEdit

Significant one-shot charactersEdit

John's BirthdayPXS icon:

  • Three knife-wielding monkeys.
  • One monkey murder victim.

Critical MissPXS icon:

  • The Critical Wh8le.

Con FairePXS icon

  • "Your captain", the unseen announcer. The "this is your captain speaking" line is a reference to one of Cyrus Grissom's lines in Con Air.

Deadline DayPXS icon

  • Two Dersite journalists, one with a hat, one with a bowtie.

Night at the 100dseumPXS icon

  • Equius' robots
  • The Sweati

Mother & GrubPXS icon

  • An Alternian "alligator"
  • An Alternian "lion"
  • An Alternain "eagle"
  • An Indigoblood
  • An Oliveblood

Stand-up Room OnlyPXS icon

  • Oliveblood audience member
  • Tealblood audience member
  • Tealblood executioner

Antiquated JapserismPXS icon

  • Ram Lusus

The MorticianPXS icon

  • Scalemates (the jury)

Secret SuffererPXS icon

  • Two unnamed trolls

Secret Sufferer Is Comin' To The Municipal Community Gathering Of CitizensPXS icon

Cherub CharitablePXS icon

Star of the OceanPXS icon:

  • Star of the Ocean (starfish lusus)

Background charactersEdit

Headed for StardomPXS icon

  • A confused rabbit.

A Fun Day for BecPXS icon

  • A baseball batter.
  • A baseball catcher.
  • A dog.
  • A cricket batter.
  • A football player (possibly one of the ones from SBaHJ).

Critical MissPXS icon

  • Three lowbloods who Eridan talked into pretending to be slaves for the FLARP game:
    • A bronzeblooded troll with forward-pointing horns who was taking a nap.
    • A burgundyblooded troll with backward-curving horns who was picking his or her nose.
    • A goldblooded troll with backward-pointing, somewhat wavy horns wearing a "SLAVVE" placard and holding what appears to be a cellphone or handheld gaming device.
    • One of these characters is named as Troll Slavve #3 in the character tags.

Con FairePXS icon

  • Various Carapacians

A Fun Day for God CatPXS icon

  • Tauhid's dog, Barkley
  • Various animals hunted by God Cat:
    • A mouse.
    • A red and pink bird, possibly a cardinal or rosefinch.
    • A squirrel.
    • An ostrich.
    • A beaver.
    • A duck.
    • A walrus.
    • A wolf.
    • A cactus
    • A snowman
    • potatoes

Fetch QuestPXS icon

Summer Sea FunPXS icon

  • A yellow fish
  • A shark
  • 4 green fish
  • An octopus, squid or squiddle
  • A "beautifil fisch" (wow)
  • A clam

Togy Hawk Pro SkatorPXS icon

  • A green-eyed squirrel

Suffering Through/For the PeoplePXS icon

  • Various trolls of different blood colors

Antiquated JasperismPXS icon

  • A lizard lusus.

The MorticianPXS icon

Deck it AllPXS icon

  • Various carapacians

SpriteconPXS icon

  • Several non-canonical sprites; listed above in the table along with a few canonical ones.

Relation ShippingPXS icon

  • Dead stegosaurus Lusus

Summerteen RomancePXS icon

  • A cicada saying "buzzz buzzz haha whatever im a cicada lmao"