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Humans Edit

Joey Claire Edit

Main article: Joey Claire

Jude Harley Edit

Main article: Jude Harley

A. Claire Edit

Main article: A. Claire

Pa Harley Edit

Main article: Jake Harley

Joey and Jude's Babysitter Edit

Main article: Rose's Mom

Mysterious Cult Edit

Main article: Mysterious Cult



Joey and Jude's beloved pet dog. She is seen hiding in her dog house during the events of Hiveswap: Act 1.

The Lone GunbirdsEdit

Main article: The Lone Gunbirds

Jude's carrier pigeons which he uses to send encrypted messages. This is a reference to The X-Files' Lone Gunmen. Their names are Frohike, Langly, and Byers, in reference to the last names of the Lone Gunmen. They also seem to represent the fate of Jude's different family members. Frohike, his favorite, suffered an early death and represents his mother. Langly cowardly runs away and abandons him, like his father. Byers goes to Alternia along with Joey.


Main article: Monster (Hiveswap)

They are black with neon green mouths. They come in all different forms such as serpent-like creatures, winged monstrosities, limb amalgamates, and giant thumb-like beings.



Xefros TritohEdit


Xefros Tritoh

Main article: Xefros Tritoh

Dammek's best friend and moirail. Joey's main confidant during the events of Hiveswap.


Antler troll


Main article: Dammek

The main character of Hauntswitch, who switches places with Joey and winds up on B1 Earth. Dammek has bronze blood.

Trizza Tethis Edit

Trizza Tethis model

Trizza Tethis

Main article: Trizza Tethis

Xultan MatzosEdit

Xultan Matzos was a very popular Arena Stickball player. He was a rustblood Pusher that played for the Thrashthrust Snowglobes. According to Xefros, he revolutionized the Pusher position. He had a unique stance when swinging his cuebat, which Xefros tries to model his own stance after. Xultan also had extremely potent psychic powers, which further aided him in the game.

He was executed on the spot after a blueblood mind-controlled him and made him thrust at the heiress. This seems to be the fate of most lowbloods that make a name for themselves.

Lusii Edit

Xefros's Lusus Edit

Sloth walk anticipation 006

Xefros's Lusus

A sloth-like lusus who is generally slow and tends to sleep in inconvenient places. Only moves when Xefros feeds him. The scientific name for this lusus is the GLACIAL TREETRUDGER, and his nickname, if not given a custom one by the player, is ZOOSMELL. However, his internal name is slugmeister.

Dammek's Lusus Edit

Cuspidated Crimalkin

Dammek's Lusus

A deercat lusus who initially chases Joey around Dammek's hive until she feeds him Lusus Milk and pulls a thorn from his paw. The scientific name for this lusus is the CUSPIDATED GRIMALKIN. Joey nicknames him CORNIBUSTER if the player doesn't choose a different one. His internal name is toothy.

Imperial DroneEdit

Main article: Imperial Drone

Concept Art characters Edit

Cridea Jeevik Edit

An eight-sweep-old violet blooded troll who seems to be connected to or has an interest in memes, being responsible for the #LOLSHRIMP meme in particular. Their Prongle avatar is a cat with very small troll horns.


A troll with some kind of green blood, judging by the border on their Prongle avatar; which is Dr Shrunk from Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Troll with ticket-end shaped horns Edit

Their name and blood color are unknown. They wear a uniform, and in early concept art they're depicted working in a subway ticket booth.

Rustblood with a shovelEdit

A rustblooded troll with a shovel and farmer's overalls. Has some resemblance to Gamzee, with a symbol that somewhat resembles Aries.

Pirate ThiefEdit

Hiveswap Troll Concept 1

A blueblood whose placeholder name is "015 BL_PIRATETHIEF".

Rebel MarshallEdit

A tealblood whose placeholder name is "012 T_REBELMARSHALL".


Hiveswap Troll Concept 2

An oliveblood who has a fishing pole. Their placeholder name is "005 O_GATHERER".


A yellowblood who has a book, a hat and goggles. Their placeholder name is "006 Y_BEEKEEPER." The Beekeeper's symbol was revealed via a Hiveswap developer's Tumblr through a pornographic image, and no, we are not referring to buckets.

Nektan Whelan and Mierfa DurgasEdit

Hiveswap Troll Concept 3
Main article: Canon fan trolls

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